Excitement Is in the Air!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Besides it being the very first day of my most favorite time of year, look what pulled into our driveway this morning!

There was pounding on the roof, a spinning ladder and elevator, and strange people stomping about, above our heads, for about an hour this morning.  How exciting!  We're getting a new roof tomorrow!  Adina couldn't take her eyes off all that was going on, but after Ezekiel's lectures and punishment for the "I wanna pull my hair out!" day yesterday, nothing was going to distract him from what he needed to accomplish.
Well, I'm sure that he took a few peeks every now and again; but for the most part, this is what he was doing.  I think that he felt terrible for how he'd behaved, because yesterday afternoon, he cleaned his room without being asked!  He also kissed my toe, when Sophie (one of our dogs) raced over and sliced it with her toenail.  (Her toenails probably need to be cut again, huh?!)  Then, when I left, by myself for once, to go to the grocery store, he kissed and hugged me twice, told me that he loved me about a gazillion times, and walked me to the front door to say goodbye.

Anyway, back in July, we were sitting in the kids' playroom, getting everyone ready for church, and praying that the rain and wind would let up enough to be able to get to church without looking like wet dogs; when a huge branch, from our Sycamore tree, landed on the backside of our roof.

We really are lucky that it didn't do more damage.  It didn't puncture the roof, no power lines were pulled from the house, and after waiting a few days to let the adjustor see exactly what had happened, it had slid off the roof enough that BJ and I were able to get it off the roof together... albeit, not without several scary moments.  Then, one of our neighbors came to the rescue with his chainsaws and wood chipper.  He even pitched in and did some of the dirty work himself.  We have been so blessed with such wonderful neighbors!  Insurance covered some of the damage, after all their crazy deductions; but in having the damage inspected, we discovered that our roof was in pretty bad shape already.  So, we filed another claim for hail damage, put the two checks together, along with like another, entire paycheck of BJ's, and are getting a new roof.  Praise the Lord!  We'll be safe and dry and hopefully, a little warmer this winter.

So, I thought maybe you'd like to see the the thank you card that I made for our knight in shining armor neighbor.

I began by embossing the "Thank You so much" sentiment on dark purple cardstock.  I, then, layered three pieces of lime green cardstock, scalloped down the left side with Stampin' Up's Scallop punch, over the far left third of the card face.  I tied a white, frilled ribbon, in a bow, over the right side of the layers.  I, then, tied a length of natural, hemp twine around the white bow, laced it with a white button, and tied it in a bow as well.  I punched the white cardstock circles using Stampin' Up's 1-3/8" Circle punch.  They were, then, randomly stamped with stems inked with Green Galore ink and topped off with purple, flower gemstones by Hero Arts.  All four circles were arranged in a square pattern and popped off the card face with dimensionals.  After rounding the top and bottom corners of the far right side of the card face, it was ready for delivery.

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