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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today has been an ordinary day in the life of a stay-at-home, homeschool mommy.  We just finished up Ezekiel's lessons, and the kiddos are sleeping, in the case of Adina, and resting/reading, in the case of Ezekiel.  I wanted to quick show you a picture that Ezekiel is oh-so-proud of having created, during art class, last Friday.
We've been singing a song entitled Little Ducky Duddle in music class, so this is a picture of Little Ducky Duddle and his friends.  He painted the background with washable, Crayola paints.  Then, he tore pieces of yellow construction paper to make the ducks' bodies appear fuzzy.  He drew on their eyes with a black, washable (Gotta love those washable goodies with kiddos!), Crayola marker.  Finally, he cut the webbed feet and beaks out of orange construction paper.  We found the idea for this on Crayola's official site.  It's a fabulous source for rainy day, kid's projects.

This morning, I found a few, quiet moments to make a quick, baby card for BJ's boss' family.  They just had a beautiful, new, baby boy.

I started the idea for this card with the sentiment, which says, "Frogs & snails & puppy dog tails" behind "BABY BOY," and the adorable, jumping frog.  I've noticed that it seems everyone has been using Copic markers for coloring stamp images lately, but one of my favorite ways to add color to an image is by water coloring.   So, that's exactly what I did to this cute, little frog just before gluing on a couple, tiny, google eyes.  I couldn't help adding a little, zig-zag stitching above the sentiment; and the blue thread was already in my machine for stitching Ezekiel's, newest, Awana patch onto his Sparky vest.  It was perfect!  I have no idea who made the green, polka dot, patterned paper.  I found it in my scrap drawer.  I'm sure several of the men in my life have received cards boasting this same paper.  I carried out the rest of the polka dot theme with the final contents of a spool of Hobby Lobby purchased ribbon and a little row of paper pierced dots.  The upper, right corner seemed a little too sharp next to the free-flying frog, so I rounded it and called it complete.

I told BJ, yesterday at lunch, that I was going to be making waffles, with strawberries and warm maple syrup, and turkey bacon for dinner; and he showed up at the front door, after work, carrying this.
Well, it didn't look quite that pretty in Starbucks' travel cup, but it was oh-so-delish!  Pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite (I'm so stoked that they're back!), and he knew that it would pair perfect with a yummy breakfast for dinner.  Isn't he just the BEST?!

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