Friday, September 18, 2009

Ezekiel has been studying Noah in his Bible class.  (You can read more about Noah and the flood in Genesis 5:28 through 9:19.)  I have heard this story dozens of times, since I was little, and it has always been one of my favorites.  I love how...
  • the Bible says that God called Noah "righteous."
  • Noah obeyed God in the face of others' ridicule.
  • Noah wasn't even a carpenter and still built a boat that weathered the world's first storm and managed to stay afloat.
  • Noah probably never once stopped telling others about God's warning to send the flood and would've welcomed any, who turned from their wicked ways and listened to God's message, into the safey of the ark.
  • the first thing Noah did, when the waters receded and he and his family were safe and sound, standing on dry ground, was build an altar of worship and thanksgiving to God.  The Bible says Noah's sacrifice was a "soothing aroma" to God and that "the Lord was pleased with the sacrifice."
Today, when we finished with our reading of Noah, all I could think was that I so desperately want to be pleasing to God!  I don't want to let Him down!  I want to be chosen, like Noah was chosen!  I want to stand firm, in my faith, in the face of adversity!  I want to be like Noah!  I want to be safe!

Some of you have heard about the arrest of Jesse Dimmick, after his taking hostages, Jared and Lindsay Rowley, in Dover, Kansas.  What you may not know is that Lindsay is BJ's cousin.  Click here to see the video of Jared and Lindsay's interview, following their escape.

After seeing this video, something greater hit home for me... maybe it was...
  • Lindsay's tears.
  • how Jared said, "words cannot describe what we went through," while shaking his head.
  • the fact that this is absolutely NOT the way to celebrate a week-old marriage!
  • how I know they still haven't gone home after this whole ordeal.
  • that I don't know if I ever would've seen them again, if things had taken a different route.
  • just seeing their beautiful faces safe and sound.
Whatever it was, if you're reading this, Jared and Lindsay, we love you and are so thankful to God for keeping you safe!

There's something about papercrafting that brings me a sense of peace.  So, this card is for Jared and Lindsay.

Knowing that Jared and Lindsay are huge K-State people, I decided to go with a Wildcat, color scheme.  I started with a dark purple background, that I stamped with white, fluttering leaves and dots, and the white cardstock, that I stamped, with the truck image.  I, then, watercolored the truck image in shades of Eggplant Envy, Pale Plum, Basic Black, Close to Cocoa, and Bordering Blue; and embossed the truck body and hubcaps to give it a more refurbished, old truck appeal.  (I was trying to steer away from the old clunker look.)  I also grounded the image with a Bordering Blue, watercolor shadow.  The truck image was framed with black cardstock and anchored, in all four corners, with black brads.  I stamped the sentiment, which says, "thought you could use a little pickup," in Eggplant Envy ink and punched it out, using Stampin' Up's Tag punch.  I hand cut the dark purple and lighter purple frames, using the orignial punched sentiment as a guide.  After using Stampin' Up's old, Handheld Rectangle punch on the left side of the sentiment (or the top of the tag), I threaded a black and white gingham ribbon through, wrapped it around the card itself, and tied a bow for that perfect, finishing touch you know I love so much.

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