Our Busy Weekend

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time for pictures of our busy weekend as promised.  Friday, I made this yummy new recipe for Potato Florentine Soup.

Oh, my goodness!  It's a new favorite around our house.  We're all looking forward to the leftovers tonight.  Yum!

Saturday morning, we headed over to what will be our new church home, come Sunday, November 1st, for Day at the Heart.  Day at the Heart was a combination open house/festival meant to introduce our new, Heartland Community Church home to the community.

There was a clown, magician, live music, inflatables, and the building was open to tour.  Ezekiel never can get enough of the big, inflatable slides.  Every time he goes down them, he lets out this really high-pitched squeal that is sure to put a smile on BJ and my faces, if not make us laugh right out loud.

This is the classroom in which BJ and I will be teaching the four-year-olds.

I just love that we share a Jack-and-Jill bathroom with the classroom next door, and our storytime room is just down the hall.

Adina was already getting comfortable, by taking off her shoes, in her classroom.

Ezekiel's classroom was still under construction.  He's been so excited to finally get to be a part of Great Adventure.  He's learning so much and always comes home with a funny story and a biblical application for everyday life.  He, now, makes us drop him off at the doors and doesn't want us to take him to his small group.  He's just growing up way too fast, or so he thinks!

Here's a couple pictures of the unfinished foyer.

This last picture will be the bookstore.
My pictures of the auditorium all turned out really dark.  I guess you'll just have to come visit us to see it for yourselves.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the building furnished and full of people worshiping and serving the Lord.  It's a magical time!

After Day at the Heart and before heading home for naps, we went to Oklahoma Joe's for a free lunch thanks to 810 Sports Radio.

Saturday night, we had a very special visit from my cousin, Matt, his wife, Linda, and their daughter, Camaro.  They were in town for the Nascar races at Kansas Speedway.  They stayed overnight and shared a yummy pancake breakfast with us Sunday morning.  Matt and Linda, then, headed to the track, but Camaro stayed with us to play.  We watched movies...
swung in the backyard...
and snoozed on the couch.

Camaro really missed her mom and dad and was super relieved to see them walk through our front door.  Thanks for such a fun and memorable ;) visit, guys!

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