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Friday, January 15, 2010

So, earlier this week, I was browsing along through some of my favorite, crafty blogs.  It took awhile!  There are so very many, super, inspiring, creative ladies out there!  Anyway, I found a tutorial for making a messenger bag out of an old pair of cargo pants on Anna's Noodlehead blog.  Well, I have this fabulous pair of cargo pants, that my Mom got me, for my birthday, more than a few years ago, and I've, practically, lived in, until recently.  The waistband broke and was unrepairable.  So, using Anna's tutorial, I gave these...
a new lease on life, as this!

The only thing I did differently, than Anna, was use the second, cargo, pant pocket (The first is seen, above, on the front flap of the bag.) for the back of the bag.  One can always use more pockets!  Right?!
The best thing about this project was that it didn't cost me a thing!  I had all the fabric and thread, already, on hand; made my own double bias tape; and even, salvaged these...
to embellish other projects.  I have another pair, of navy, cargo pants, that is, finally, too big for me.  It took me over a year to loose all that extra baby weight!  So, you may, soon, be seeing their transformation, too :)!

On a parenting note, I wanted to tell you about a new idea we came up with to try to help Ezekiel with his behavior/attitude.  I kept thinking that he needed to, actually, see, visibly, how bad he was behaving.  If I had the time, I, probably, would've video-taped every last fit; but what mother has time for that, especially, when she's got a one-year-old, too?!  Anyway, we decided to give him a roll of nickels ($2), as his allowance, at the beginning, instead of dollar bills at the end, of the week.  Then, for every infraction, to our already set rules, he committed, he had to give us back one of his nickels.  Well, he lost over half a roll in the first two days; but now, I think that he's getting the hang of it a little better.  Maybe, he realized what he could do with all those nickels or that it's not so hard to follow Mommy and Daddy's rules, after all!

I, even, decked out his jar, for giving us nickels back, with a little green and white, checkered ribbon and fun, Favorite Findings, Diggin' for Dinosaurs button.
I don't expect everything to be, completely, different, right away; but it's a good start, and it feels awesome to have a plan to facilitate change. 

Oh!  And look what great, laundry-folding helpers I had this week.

Yep!  Those are my, CLEAN undies!  Hee!  Hee!  I really do have such great kiddos!  Even on days when I think my world is falling apart, I know, that I, truly, am a lucky lady!

Please take some extra time, today, to lift the people of Haiti up in prayer.  Every further image I see and/or newscast I hear, just makes my heart hurt that much more for these precious people.  I hope that you'll consider giving, even just a $10 donation, to the relief efforts.  You can do so by texting "Haiti" to 9-0-9-9-9, visiting redcross.org, or calling 1-800 RED CROSS.  Imagine, if everyone gave just $10!

Oh, yeah!  I wanted to tell you all.  Yesterday, at lunch, Ezekiel waved, from across the table, to Adina and said, "Hi, Adina!"  Well, she waved right back and said, "Hi, Ezekiel!" as clear as day.  I kid you not!  Too cute!

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Amy said...

I'm making this bag right now, so I wanted to see variations. Cute!!