Meet Speckles, Turk, and Queen

Monday, January 25, 2010

I just realized, that I never introduced you to Ezekiel's, new, tank gang.

The fish swimming near the water plant is Speckles, and the one below the filter is Turk.  They are both fancy guppies.  That little, golden lump, under the filter, is his snail, Queen.  We really tried to get a good picture, but they weren't cooperating very well.  Have you ever told a fish to hold still?!  It doesn't work!  They get along really great, though.  I couldn't help showing you this snap of their little, fish kiss...

and Ezekiel just loves them!  I cannot tell you how much easier and CHEAPER these guys are than the ones we had in our 55 gallon, saltwater tank, years back.  They were gorgeous but, absolutely, not budget friendly!  Maybe when my husband gets his college education paid for, he can have his saltwater fish, again :).  First things first!

I have a layout, for you, today.  It was inspired by Pencil Lines' Sketch 169, provided by guest designer Susan Dupre.

Here's what I came up with.

I started this page by lining up my pictures; determining where I wanted my hand stitched circle to go; using a bowl to, carefully, sketch out the perfect, overlapping circles I was going for; punching the holes; and stitching the circle, into the Brocade Blue, cardstock page, with red, embroidery floss.  I, then, lined up my "4th of July" title, created from Stickopotamus' Red Bandana Brush Letters, around its top and layered the star, patterned paper, from Basic Grey's Oh Baby! Boy collection, and the blue and white checkered, patterned paper, from my stash, across the bottom of the page.  The pictures were then stacked, across the middle, and embellished with stamped, in Brocade Blue ink, and hand cut, photo corners.  One picture was replaced with a Real Red, cardstock, text box which reads, Ezekiel didn't seem to mind staying home on the 4th.  He was happy with a full tummy and his sparklers and poppers, while BJ worked on our new patio...  I, then, added a little strip of the same star, patterned paper, punched, across the bottom edge, with SU's Scallop punch, near the top right of the page, and a red button, from Jesse James and Co.'s Grandma's Grab Bag and laced with white string tied in a knot, over the top of it.  Finally, a double-stitched, red ribbon, dressed up with lots of other blue, red, and white ribbons, twill tape, and string tied in knots, was wrapped around the bottom of the page, over the patterned papers, for the perfect, finishing touch.

I, then, turned this page into this layout.

The only new goody you'll find on this page is that coordinating tag, also, from Basic Grey's Oh Baby! Boy collection.  It was dressed up with several of the same ribbons, from the previous page, and reads, ...BJ not so much.  Keep smiling!  BJ was pouting all over the place, trying to get this patio finished up before Ezekiel's fifth birthday party.  I'm surprised that I caught a picture of him smiling, at all!  He had procrastinated and was paying the price, but we sure have enjoyed the fruit of his hard work.  Thanks, baby!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and that your work, whatever it may be, brings you joy!

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