My Birthday

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's been a couple of days since my last post, because we've been partying!  My parents came up, on Friday afternoon, to watch Ezekiel and Adina, and BJ took me here for my birthday dinner.
Oh, my goodness!  It was, absolutely, delicious!  He even purchased the birthday package for me, so I went home with a souvenir picture and milk chocolate, fondue bar to add to the other gift he got me.

I cannot wait to find the perfect place, this spring, to plant my gorgeous, Cycleman plant!  Afterward, we went to Borders; picked out a couple, Valentine's Day gifts for our kiddos; had a little coffee; and chatted with some friends from church.  It was such a special night!  Thanks so much, BJ!  You're the best!

I cannot say thank you to BJ, though, without thanking my parents for watching our kiddos.  It was so much easier to relax and have fun, knowing they were in such good, capable, loving hands.  Thank you, Mom and Dad!

They, also, brought me this gorgeous, Marie Osmond, La Rosa tote...

and stayed overnight until Saturday afternoon.  So, they got to watch Ezekiel play basketball, and Mom and I got to do a little shopping.  She was looking, specifically, for special accents for their re-purposed barn (It used to be for storage and has, now, been converted into a little house, complete with kitchen/dining/living room space, bathroom, and bedroom loft.  It's so cute, and a great place for us to stay, when the house is full, which doesn't take much doing.  I've got four siblings, and almost everyone has kiddos.) and is putting me to work on a little, sewing project.  So, we hit up Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabrics, and would you believe it?!  I only came home with a package of purple, construction paper, for Ezekiel (It's one of his favorite colors and doesn't come in a regular, mix-color bundle.  Crazy!), and these spools of gorgeous, 50% off ribbon.

Thank you to everyone else who made my birthday so memorable with special gifts and well-wishes!  It was a wonderful day, and you all will not be forgotten!

Oh!  BJ made me my favorite Apple Crumb Cake, with warm, butter-base sauce, too.  It's become a birthday tradition in our house.

Yum-O!  Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!

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