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Thursday, January 21, 2010

My brain is cluttered with all the things that I've never got around to putting up on my blog.  So, today, I thought that I'd unload.  If you're too busy or your brain is already on overload, you, totally, won't hurt my feelings, one bit, if you move right on to your next, blogger post.

The week of Christmas was super, crazy busy; and the week after, I was busy giving you the low-down on all our homemade, Christmas gifts.  (For those of you that missed them, check out my Christmas Gifts Reveal, Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 posts.)  So, I never got around to showing you the pictures we took from a dinner date with BJ's cousin and his family.

From left to right, this is Donna, Ella, Brett, and BJ's cousin Dave.  They used to live super close to us in Olathe, KS; but a few years back, they moved to Naperville, IL.  So, we only get to see them, around the holidays, when they're home visiting family.  Lucky for us, they took a little time out of their, already, busy schedule to go out to dinner with us.  Here's a silly snap of their kids with Ezekiel, trying so hard to sit still enough for me to get a decent picture :).  Gotta love it!

I, also, couldn't resist showing this adorable picture of my baby girl, getting her hands washed by Daddy...

this one of her eating a yummy, chocolate-covered, Christmas, pretzel gift...

and a few, more sweet ones of her catching some z's, just because she's so, darn cute.

I, also, made a card for another of Jennifer's Cards for Kid's kiddos.

I started this card by machine stitching a pink-threaded, zig-zag stitch between the striped, patterned paper, from Basic Grey's Oh Baby! Boy collection, and the torn, across the bottom edge, turquoise cardstock.  I, then, punched the top edge of the patterned paper with SU's Scallop punch and stamped the turquoise cardstock, in Moonlight White, Brilliance, archival, pigment ink, just below the stitching, with the the "hello..." sentiment.  Both papers were, then, adhered to the lower half of the Pretty in Pink, cardstock, card face.  I used my Moonlight White, pigment ink, again, on the top half of the card face, to stamp the polka dots and rounded the top corners with SU's Corner punch.  Finally, I embellished it, just above the patterned paper's scallop edge, with another one of my fabric flowers.  (For those of you that missed the last one and the "how to", check out yesterday's Happy Birthday, Kim! post.)  This time, I used a worn-out, turquoise t-shirt; pink stitching; and a glittered, heart button from Jesse James and Co.'s Grandma's Grab Bag.

This one is for Emily.

According to Jennifer's blog, Emily is a beautiful, six-year-old girl that has a very rare disease.  She is one of four people in the US that has Schimke Immuno-osseous Dysplasia (SIOD), one of the rarest forms of Dwarfism.  Only 45 people world-wide have this disease.  Only one in one to three million get this genetic disease.  She will have a shortened life span with [possible] stroke, hip replacements, kidney failure, and infections.  This disease is detected by growth, appearance, illness, and x-rays.  Emily has rounding of the spinal vertebrae and classic characteristics of hip dysplasia in the pelvis and thighs.  Emily experienced kidney failure, in spring 2008, and received a kidney transplant from her father, Joe.   A side effect of the transplant, the anti-rejection medication, caused Lymphoma.  Emily is in stage three and has endured chemo. Recently, a fungal infection was discovered in the donated kidney; so, she has been on anti-fungal medication.  She has suffered from constant fevers; vomiting; headaches; and most recently, seizures.  She has had over 37 surgeries in the past 2 years.

Gracious!  How about something more uplifting?  Little Birdie Secrets is having a giveaway, sponsored by The Vintage Pearl.  Go visit their website; pick out your favorite item; then, go to Little Birdie Secrets' Vintage Pearl Giveaway post, to comment which one it is, before Monday, January 25, 2010.  I really love names around my heart...

but I think a flower and a circle is my most favorite!  Good luck!

Finally, (and this is my last random thought for the day... Promise!) this morning, I ran upstairs to check my email and came down to find this on my bed.

I got bit by the Love Bug!  Our rules are to do something nice, in secret, for someone else; to leave the Love Bug on their bed; and then, after the discovery, they have 24 hours to do something nice for someone else.  Ezekiel had made my big bed, all by himself, today!  We saw this idea, only they used a pillow, on The Idea Room blog here.  Then, Ezekiel came home, from Awana, with a paper heart and instructions for something, super similar.  I decided to jump on board, wholeheartedly!  I mean, really, we all could use a little more kindness in our lives... Right?!

Thanks for reading!  Hope you have an amazing day!

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