Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's snowing, again, and landing right on top of all the old stuff, which still hasn't melted, because it's been absolutely, ridiculously, freezing, cold outside!  It looks like we're in for another, winter storm.  They're predicting four to six more inches for our area.  Ezekiel doesn't seem to care.  He's still having a good ole time.

Our backyard is super slanted.  So, it makes for great times with the sled and incidentally, a slip 'n slide during the summer months.

Oh!  He lost another tooth, too!

Too cute!  This time, the Tooth Fairy got delayed a day due to inclement weather :); but she brought him a fun, Hot Wheels car the next night.  Hee!

Despite the cold and being cooped-up, Adina's been her regular, chatty self.  Monday night, she and I ran a few errands.  I gave her a little paper to hold, because she wanted my list of things to purchase, and I really didn't need it getting lost.  When she, accidentally, dropped her paper, she said, "Oopsie", followed by, "I sorry," and finally, "Thank you," when it was returned to her cute, little, mittened hand.  She impresses me, with her growing vocabulary, more every day!

Well, that's enough about us.  How about a card?  My Mom's birthday was the Wednesday after Christmas, and as I was rummaging through a stack of old cards, that I had made, to put together a little package for our extended family, Christmas, gift exchange, I discovered this.

I made this for her, last year, at a Stampin' Up workshop, and I guess, had just put it away to save for her and forgotten about it.  So, she got it this year, even though the calendar days were off a bit :)!  We used Old Olive cardstock for the card base and layered Real Red and Whisper White, cardstock frames in the upper portion of the card face.  Below the frames, we stamped the "HaPPY BIrTHDaY" sentiment, in Basic Black ink, right on the Old Olive, cardstock face.  We, then, used Basic Black ink, again, to stamp the calendar skeleton and a Real Red marker to fill in the circles with hand-written days of the month.  "DeCemBer" and the scallop, around her birthday, were stamped in Old Olive ink.  Finally, we used Stampin' Up's Build-A-Brad kit to create the stamped brad next to the month.  I still need to get one of those kits!  They're so much fun!

I'm off to make a hot cup of coffee, decaf, of course, pumped up with sugar and a little, Pumpkin Spice creamer.  Yum-O!  Stay warm, wherever you are!

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