Weekend Fun

Sunday, January 17, 2010

We've had a busy weekend!  Yesterday morning, Ezekiel had basketball practice.

They took individual and team pictures.  I hate to spend money on those things, when he's only six-years-old.  I mean, they only play three, real games.  Not to mention, their prices are OUTRAGEOUS!  For us, it's all about Ezekiel learning to play on a team and polishing up his ball-handling skills.  I hate to take things too seriously, too soon.  Anyway, I stole a couple, quick shots, being sure, all the while, not to make the professional photographer angry by not using my flash.

Then, BJ babysat.  Actually, Adina was taking her morning nap, so he only had Ezekiel to look after; and I did a little shopping at JoAnn's alone.  Oooh!  You should see the cutest, Valentine outfit I made, for Adina, from the goodies I picked up.  Again, I'm going to let her do the full unveiling for you.  This time, it will be Valentine's Day, but here's a sneak peek.

I just love those cute, button hearts!  Oh!  And here's another on a card that I made for my in-laws' anniversary last Friday.

I started this card by trimming a piece of floral, patterned paper, from SU, with a strip of Chocolate Chip cardstock, punched, along the bottom edge, with SU's Scallop punch.  I, then, reinforced the connection with a pink-threaded, zig-zag, machine stitch and adhered the two to the square, Rose Red, cardstock, card face.  I think Rose Red is my new favorite color of cardstock.  I, honestly, don't think that I've used it much before; but it's, absolutely, gorgeous!  I was truly missing out!  I, then, stamped the "Happy Anniversary" sentiment, right over the patterned paper and just above the stitching, in Rose Red ink and wrapped a sheer, white ribbon around the card face.  For the finishing touch, I wrapped brown, embroidery floss around the bow's knot; laced it with a, nearly, Rose Red, Favorite Findings' Holiday Hearts, button; and tied it in a bow.  Super simple and yet, I believe, so elegant.

Then, we worked, on a few projects, around the house; and this morning, we were up bright and early to teach Sunday school.  By the time we got back from church, this is how we all felt.

Adina, literally, fell asleep with breakfast, for lunch, in her hands.  Needless to say, the family nap we took this afternoon was much needed.  Enjoy the last few hours of your Sunday!

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