Cloud Nine

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh, my goodness!  I just found out that I was PTI's Day 8 Winner!

I cannot, even, tell you how ecstatic I am right now.  One hundred dollars to spend in the PTI store!  Holy cow!  Am I in heaven, or what?!  I'm, at the very least, on cloud nine; especially, because it was late, when I, finally, got this card posted.  I, almost, just let it slide.  I'd been out to see the screening of Valentine's Day...
with my friend Tammy.
BJ, actually, got five passes, off craigslist, for me; but of all the friends that I tried to recruit to go with me, Tammy was the only, available, brave soul.  We had so much fun, and this is such a great movie!  It's perfect for Valentine's Day!  I cannot wait to see it, again, when it comes out on DVD, with my hubby.  He's such a sucker for chic flicks :).

I've got a few, new projects, of mine, that I still need to show you all, but I thought that I'd take today to show you a couple of Ezekiel's.
He had so much fun making this cute snowman last month.  We got the idea for it in our December/January '09-'10 issue of The Mailbox.  It's made from two paper plates, one small and one large; construction paper; buttons, that he picked from my stash; pipe cleaners; and a little, leftover fabric.  Yep!  That's another one of Wendy Smedley's pom-pom flowers, that I helped him make, on the hat.  He was so, very proud.

He's, also, been busy planting lots of seeds.
These are just funny, little, eggshell faces, with mustard seeds growing out of their heads; but there have been planted, lima beans in my fridge, to simulate winter growth, and in my closet, to simulate growth without the sunshine.  My bay window is brimming with plants, some with all the necessary ingredients for proper growth, some with no water, some with way too much water, and some with no soil.  He's had so much fun finishing up his science unit on plants.

Most recently, he's been busy making homemade Valentines.  I cannot wait to show you how cute they've turned out.  He's still feeling rough today, but we were able to complete a few of his assignments, before he passed out for an afternoon nap.


Jeanne said...

Congratulations! What a prize! I know that you won't have any problems spending $100. Wow, can you believe all of the new and innovative products? This entire release just creates electric energy. I hope you let all of us know what you select with your prize.

Kim Ryden said...

AWESOME!!! $100 in PTI stuff...I'm jealous! You will have to let us know what you get when you order!!!

Alyssa B said...

congratulations, that really is such a pretty card and I like that they still picked you even through you didnt use all PTI products....congrats again you deserve it!

Juanita B said...

CONGRATULATIONS for your PTI win, your card is beautiful, TFS.

Laura said...

Congratulations on winning the prize! (I look forward to seeing that movie, too).

JenniferCR said...

Hi Jinny! I just thought I'd stop over from Nichole's blog and say "hi" and CONGRATS! You must be beyond thrilled to have won! And Ezekiel is adorable, quite a talented crafter...taking after his mom! I love his little egg people, those are awesome, what a great idea!

Congratulations again on winning DAY 8 over on at PTI! Have fun with whatever it is you decide to get with your new winnings! So exciting, as shopping sprees should be! =)


jen said...

CONGRATS!!! You're a lucky, lucky, talented girl! :)