Easter Memories

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter morning began, at Grandma's house, with Easter baskets full of chocolate bunnies and new, spring jammies, sandals, and sunglasses.
Then, today, I uncovered another treasure that was supposed to be in their baskets.

Oh, well!  They, thoroughly, enjoyed them anyway.

Matter of fact, we used them to practice a few of Ezekiel's addition and subtraction combinations, too.
 Add, to all that, a pretty, new dress, made by yours truly...
and a handsome, new shirt...

and we've got a couple, gorgeous kiddos ready for Sunday service.
After church, we all enjoyed a delicious, Easter dinner.  Mom made the ham, potatoes, and salad.  My brother, Jason, brought the rolls.  I was in charge of the veggies.  I don't think my Zucchini Custard Bake, courtesy of Paula Deen, was a hit (Although, my family sure has been enjoying the leftovers.  Yum-O!), but everyone loved the Cheese Broccoli Bake; and my sister, Jamie, wrapped it all up with her delicious Lemon Cheesecake (I've got to get her recipe!) and scrumptious Coconut Cream Pie.  I, probably, should've taken pictures, so that you all could get a better idea of how yummy it all really was.

When the kiddos woke up, from their naps, the Easter egg hunts began!  There was one for the little kids (Grant and Adina)...
and one for the big kids (Ezekiel and Jenna).  Madison decided she was just too old, for such trivial things, this year.  She's just like her Mama :).
Everyone enjoyed the spoils...
including Uncle Jason.
We, also, fit in a little time for fishing...
bubble blowing...
and making new friends.
I just realized that you all, probably, have only seen our pups in the background of pictures!  I don't think that I've ever introduced them.  This is, from left to right, Sophie, Summer, and my sister's dog Penny.

We finished the day up with a ride on Grandpa's tractor.
Talk about a busy weekend!  We're just now beginning to recover.  Oh!  And check out these cute, Easter treats we put together with marshmallows, Rice Krispies, almond bark, Easter sprinkles, and chocolate chips.  I even threw in a little flax-seed meal to make them just a little bit healthier.  Shhh!
We had the kiddos in mind, when we made them; but we were, also, sure to make enough for everyone.
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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