Quillow Reveal

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So, my brother asked for a quillow (A quillow is a quilt that folds into an attached pocket to form a pillow.), like the ones I made for my nieces and nephews a few Christmas' ago.  Although it took me much longer to oblige, than I had hoped, he, finally, received his request, for his birthday, this year.  Here's how it works.  One side looks like this...
and the other side looks like this.

Be sure to take notice of the sewn-in pocket, in the bottom, left corner, of which the opposite side has the same, stripe material as the first photograph.  It makes an excellent pocket into which to tuck cold toes, when it's not holding the rest of the quilt.  That's the quilt part of the quillow.  To turn it into a pillow, flip it back to the stripe side, or the side opposite the sewn-in pocket, and fold one side in towards the center.
Now, fold the other side in towards the center, overlapping the first folded side...
and fold 1/3 of the quilt down, beginning at the end furthest from the pocket and folding toward it.
Then, fold another 1/3 down, still working your way toward the pocket.
Folding the last 1/3, brings the quilt into this position.
Now, flip it over, so the pocket side is up...
and tuck the entire quilt into it.
The pocket is, now, turned inside out to reveal the stripe pattern, but the other side is still blue.

Then, toss it wherever you please, on whichever side you like best, until it is needed.

There are lots of quillow tutorials out there.  None of which I knew about, until I had made my own.  I used a quillow, that I had received, for Christmas, when I was young, as a template for this one and all the ones I've made in the past.  It takes 2-1/2 yards of two different patterns of fabric.  The large pieces of fabric, for this particular quillow, measure 70" x 43", and the pocket measures 18" square.  I used 5/8" seam allowances, and everything was lined with high loft batting to make it extra soft and comfy.  I don't make blankets any other way!

Oh!  And Cath, over at Moxie Fab World, named my brother's birthday card a Trigger Target!  Yippeee!  Thanks, Cath!

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