Our Busy Weekend

Monday, September 13, 2010

As promised, in my earlier post, I'm back with lots of pictures, from our busy weekend, to show those of you who like that sort of thing.  I know that I do!  It all started Friday night, when I got to crop, at Archivers, with my friend Kim.  The last time that I remember cropping there, I had just found out that I was pregnant with Adina.  So, it's been WAY TOO LONG!  And it was super fun!  Although, I had a, really, hard time not lugging along my sewing machine :).  Look at all these yummy goodies, that I got.
As you can tell, many of them have, already, been used!  Yihoo!  And even though I only took pictures of one, I got two of all those scrumptious, two-sided, patterned papers.  It's just my thing.  I, always, have to get, at least, two.

Then, on Saturday, my cousin, Matt, and his family came up to visit.
His wife, Linda, was taking her sister (Isn't this a sweet picture?!)...
and brother to check out the Art Institute International's culinary program in Lenexa; and since we have to miss our annual, extended family campout, AGAIN (Bummer!), Matt decided to come along to spend the day with us, which worked out perfect, because BJ was, really, wanting some help, from a seasoned roofer, to re-roof our little barn, as I like to call it (Someday, it'll be a big barn :).), and Matt was more than willing to help.
They were done before noon, and we got to spend the rest of the day just hanging out, talking, entertaining the kiddos...
and eating.  It was sooo great to see you guys, again!  Love you bunches!

On Sunday, we went to the second service, at church; because we didn't have to teach, and BJ had a meeting during it.  Yes, I had to sit by myself; but it was, really, nice to have, almost, the whole morning, at home, as a family.  After church, we had a yummy lunch at Jason's Deli, where I ran into an old friend, that I hadn't seen since my wedding.  It was so fun to meet her family and spend a little time catching up.  As it turns out, she doesn't live too far away and home schools her kiddos, too.  What a fun coincidence!

Sunday evening, we had a picnic with our other church family.  It's the church where Ezekiel goes to Awana, but they're wonderful and welcoming, and many of their members have become such good friends of ours.

That's the weekend, but the fun didn't stop there.  We got to go swimming, this morning, with our good friends, the Stampers, and a few, other, home school families.  Yes, the water was a bit cold; but amazingly, we all seemed to get used to it pretty fast.
Here's my daughter teaching my friend Tammy's daughters how to stick the tops of their heads into the pool.  She's so silly!  Sorry, Tammy :)!
If you made it to the bottom of this post, WOW!  And THANKS for reading!  Have a great week, everyone!  And if this is your first time visiting my blog, today, be sure to scroll down to my previous, CCG #159 post.  Thanks again!

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