Weekend Snapshots

Monday, October 25, 2010

Good, Monday morning, to you all!  It was a full and busy weekend for us!  Saturday morning, we had a family get-together, at church, that ended up taking much longer than we thought it was supposed to, and came home with two, extremely, worn-out kiddos.  A nap was in order!  The rest of the day was spent enjoying good food, vacuuming out the car, playing in the front yard...
blog hopping (Man!  I look tired!)...
working on Adina's birthday outfit (Just a sneak peek, now!)...
and keeping an eye on a little kitten that wanted to come live with us.
She was sleeping under our back porch and had been playing with us, for the better part of a week, before we figured that we should decide what to do with her.  I would've hated for her to get hit by a car or worse, and she was just the friendliest little thing you've ever seen!  Unfortunately, she didn't have any tags.  We have a lot of stray cats in our neighborhood and assumed that she fit into that category.

So, we introduced her to our dogs, which, actually, ended up going better than expected.  Then, after church, on Sunday, we purchased a litter box for her; and Ezekiel, even, picked her out a fun, little toy.  We were going to take her to the veterinarian, on Monday, to have her checked out; but as soon as we got home and found her waiting, for us, on our front porch, our neighbors' mother announced that she belonged to our neighbors.  Then, she said that we could have her, if we wanted, because they didn't want her.  Just about as quick as that all went down, our neighbor came out, on her front porch, and said that she'd been looking for her.  Hmmm?!  That's, still, a little hard, for me, to believe, given that the kitten had been, casually, strolling around our property for a week.  Then, she said that she'd been trying to catch her but that she ran away and wouldn't come home.  Poor kitty!  She came right up to us and rubbed our legs.  She, even, let us pick her up.

Oh, well!  All that's to say that she's, now, back in the arms of her owners, which is a good thing, even if she doesn't like it there... at least, she's safe.  Everything, always, seems to have a way of working itself out.  Ezekiel was in tears, over dinner, last night.  He had been begging us to keep her from the minute she showed up, crying at our back door.  Poor thing!  We took all the kitten goodies back to the store.  Fortunately, we didn't have a chance to use them, so there weren't any questions asked, but we sure do miss her.  I keep thinking that I hear her calling to us and find myself looking out the front and back doors, just in case she just wanted to come back and say hi.

Sigh... Anyway, I do have something papercrafty, for you all, today.  So, please, be sure to come back, a little later, to check it out, and have a wonderful week!

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Mandy said...

Oh Jinny, the photo of the gorgeous kitty made me stop and read, bless her heart, if one of mine went missing I'd be knocking on every door in the neighbourhood and putting up posters saying she was missing, so it doesn't sound like she was really missed to me!
She is the image of my little Lily who we took in as a stray & the vet said she was only 3 wks old then. We sadly lost her last month when she was hit by a car and are all heartbroken and miss her so much.
Adinas birthday outfit looks like it will be gorgeous, so pretty
hugs Mandy xx