Weekend Snapshots

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a fun-filled weekend we had!  It all began with a peaceful, Friday afternoon of my kiddos, actually, getting along!
Saturday morning, we headed over to one of our local libraries for a book sale.  Eeek!  So excited about this HUGE stack of gently-used, children's books we picked up for... Wait for it... $11.75!  Can you believe it?!  We're just loving each and every one them!
Then, we were off, to the mall, to pick up Adina's two-year pictures.  We, also, did a little shopping; because a mall visit is, almost, unheard of around our house, and I was in desperate need of new undergarments.  After a yummy lunch out and nap/rest time, for the kiddos, at home, Adina thought she'd try my new goodies on for size.
I'm, only, showing those pictures, because they're so, darn cute; and because I'm, completely, secure in and unembarrassed by my cup size.  Ha!  After a little help, figuring it out, she declared, "Doesn't fit!"  Hee!

Finally, after, actually, getting to sit through a church service, we enjoyed a lazy, Sunday afternoon, watching the Chiefs get slaughtered.  Then, after the boys were off to Awana,  Adina and I played.  We just love our quiet, Sunday evenings together!
Thanks for checking in on me!  Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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Bonnie said...

Those pictures made my day! Adina is such a cutie. Love the picture of her holding her blankie with her pinkie held up. So proper. She is a beautiful little angel. Thanks for sharing the pictures.