Friday Faves

Friday, July 29, 2011

Good afternoon!  Woohoo!  It's Friday, and I've got to tell you all, that I am relieved!  This much-needed, bathroom remodel has taken its toll on us all.  I feel completely scatterbrained!  This morning, I went to Aldi for groceries and couldn't even remember my pin number.  Ugh!  I didn't have the cash to pay for all of our groceries, and those of you who are regular shoppers at Aldi know that I couldn't pay with credit.  Fortunately, my hubby was in town and able to come bail me out.  How embarrassing!

Then, I put my sister's anniversary card in the mail two days late and without a stamp, no less!  What is going on?!  Even my pup is struggling.  She ate for the first time in two days, at lunch, today.  That's soooo not like her!  Poor thing!  We even took her to the vet, just to make sure everything was okay, and he said that she's in perfect health.

We're all just so ready to have this guy gone for a couple of days, even if it means we're still down a shower/tub, which has brought its own challenges.  Fortunately, my hubby has an apartment above his office that his boss is letting us use the bathroom in.  So, we're all still clean as a whistle, even in the midst of a summer heat wave.  Unfortunately, the process of us all showering over there takes a HUGE chunk out of our evenings.  Oh!  But we do get to watch HGTV while we're there, which is a big plus for me, because I don't have cable at home :)!  LOL!

I'll be sure to show pictures once it's completely done, but I'm too embarrassed of the way it was before to give any before shots.  It was really that bad, not to mention the antiquity of it or the mold.  Oh, the mold!  I swear it has been the cause of my allergies this year.  I've never had allergies before.  Hmmm?  Anyway, welcome to my July Friday Faves!  Hee!  It all begins with the fabulous, Noel Mignon, Mary Ellen kit.  I especially LOVE those primary colors, label stickers, frame stamps, and wooden buttons... swooning over those wooden buttons!
I've also recently discovered and began following Nikki Sivils, and love the sweet playfulness of her lines!  My favorite right now is her School is Cool Collection Kit.  My mind is on fall, and it would be the perfect way to capture my big kiddos' school memories.  Plus, polka dots and argyle!  Need I say more?!
Speaking of fall, I adore this sweet, little Wheat Stalks stamp from DeNami Design.  It puts me in the mood for cooler weather and harvest time, which is my favorite time of the year!
DeNami's Under the Sea stamp set also has me saying ooooh and awwww!  LOVE that darling sailboat, and those bubbles are so versatile!
Finally, and I know that I usually include a couple of non-papercrafty things.  And believe me, I've been looking, especially lately, for unique things to complete our bathroom remodel.  It's just that nothing has been calling my name.  Anyway, I LOVE the unique and whimsical font that Paper Smooches boasts.  So, needless to say, Alphadot...
and Word Up have my full attention!
Thank you so much for peeking in today, and have a truly wonderful weekend!  Oh!  And please be sure to stop on by, late Sunday night, for the first of five days of brand new, sneak peeks for Wplus9 Design's August release!  You don't want to miss this one, ya'll!  Hugs!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Bummer about the things that have been happening this week... sounds like my week last week... lol :) I loveeeeee your faves... especially Nikki and Noel!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Amy said...

Oh my what a week! :( Here's to a much better weekend Jinny!

anya said...

Jinny, I was poking around the WPlus9 Flickr stream and came across all of your projects. They are FANTASTIC! Really, some gorgeous stuff you have made! I just placed my first WPlus9 order, and now I can't wait for it - you have totally inspired me! I'll be thinking of you.. I hope life gets better!

lynn said...

when it rains it pours--hope this week is a great one! (i had an atm machine eat my card, because i had a brain fart and couldn't remember my number)! hope that makes you feel better:) just got the alphadots set--so cute!

Savitri said...

Oh wow, girlie, so fun fun fun!!!! Lots of awesomeness!!