Happy Birthday, Ezekiel!

Monday, July 11, 2011

So, this was kinda a big weekend for my big kiddo.  He turned eight-years-old on Thursday!  Ugh!  Where does time go?!  I seriously cannot believe that we have been blessed with his presence for eight years now.  We had a fun, Friday night, jungle-themed sleepover and trip to the Kansas City Zoo the next day planned and sent out invitations and everything.  I used the upcoming color story, over at The Play Date Cafe, for said such, so you'll have to hang tight, until Wednesday night, to check them out.  Unfortunately, our plans just didn't work for the small handful of friends he wanted to invite, and only one was able to come to the zoo with us.  So, since our Friday night sleepover didn't pan out, he and I went on a little date night.  I took him to see Cars 2 in 3D, which he absolutely loved!
Then, we went out to dinner at On the Border, and he wanted to make a trip over to Barnes and Noble to scope out what he was going to spend one of his birthday gift certificates on.  It was such a special night for just the two of us, and we wouldn't have had it any other way.
Thursday was his actual birthday, so we spent that afternoon decorating these lion cuties, courtesy of this video on howdini, for the kiddos that couldn't come to his party.  Ugh!  He really handled everything with so much maturity.  I never saw him cry once.  I guess he left that up to me.  Shhhh!  Don't tell him.
Anyway, since we really didn't need so many cupcakes for our little family of four, he was absolutely thrilled to take cupcake plates over to our neighbors, and they happily accepted.  Then, he got a few gifts from us, including a new bat and balls and a hefty stack of books, of course.
Finally, Saturday morning rolled around, and his lone friend came over for our trip to the zoo.
For the first time ever, we got to see KC Zoo Live, which was absolutely fabulous!  It was so fun to see such a variety of birds so close up and get to talk to and ask questions of the docents.
We also got to try out the paddle boats for the first time.  We do this all the time at my parents' place, so it was never that big of a deal to pay to use them at the zoo; but a  free boat ride, during the month of July, came with our zoo membership, so we took advantage.  It was difficult to get the boys to hold still, for even a second, to get a good picture.  They were so excited...
but Adina settled in and relaxed, and she almost looked as though she was going to go right to sleep.
We had promised Ezekiel a ride on the new Sky Safari for his birthday, so that's where we went next.  And it was totally worth the $4 round trip fee, too!  It was so peaceful and had such a beautiful view!
We kept checking in to make sure the boys were doing okay, and after a while, this is all we got.  LOL!
It was such a hot day, but there was a strong breeze that kept us cool, and we brought a big jug of water to reload our water bottles and keep us hydrated.  Plus, the animals were out and about in full force!  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to celebrate my big guy's birthday.  Just for fun, here are a few more of my favorite pictures, sans dialogue, to close with.
Happy birthday, Ezekiel!  I love you with my whole heart!
Have a wonderful start to your work weeks, everyone!  And thanks so much for stopping by!


Amy Kolling said...

Hi Jinny! Tell Ezekiel that I would have come to his party cuz I've never been to the KC Zoo and I LOVE cupcakes!! :) I totally know how you must have felt.....it is so heartbreaking to know you've planned so much. My thing is that people don't RSVP anymore! So then you really are left wondering if you are going to get any kids at all! I worry about this for my son as his birthday is the day after Christmas so we've been trying to plan ahead and celebrate that way. Seems to work better!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy Ezekiel! Summer birthdays are so hard...the same thing happens to us with Collin as he has an August birthday...he normally ends up with his cousins. Looks like he had an absolutely wonderful day - please tell him happy birthday from the crafting lady in Cincinnati with four boys!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Happpppy birthday, Ezekiel! I hope you enjoyed celebrating your special day!! Psalm 118:24

LOVE those lion cupcakes! SO CUTE!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeee the photos and I'm with Amy...I soooooo would have come to the zoo and cupcakes! I am a december baby and remember having a hard time that peeps couldn't come because people were busy doing Holiday things! Happy Birthday to your baby! He is HANDSOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Elise said...

YOUR children are BREATH-taking! Once again, dear girl, YOUR photography is STUNNING! {NO wonder you are SUCH a terrific scrapper!!!!} I'm SO glad your boy had such an OUTSTANDING birthday! I truly feel you pain in the "swiftly moving time frame!" - SUCH a great share and while we're on the subject - DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH of those ADORABLE cupcakes for the rest of the class? Or WHAT! {hee hee} SO adorable! You're a gem!