Weekend Snapshots

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our weekend started out with something a bit unusual.  There was a water main break, in our district, thanks to a sweet, little, masked bandit known as a raccoon, which placed us under a boil water advisory from Friday morning until Saturday night.  Fortunately, for us, we found out about it pretty early on, when my thoughtful neighbor brought us over a couple of these.  Thanks, Terri!
Unfortunately, for others, they never did learn about it until after the fact.  Regardless, we spent lots of time over one of these to make the water usable for washing dishes and refilling those bottles from above.
Ezekiel was so worried about the whole thing, that he insisted on writing a reminder for himself on his bathroom mirror.  He's not real flexible like that.  He's my cautious, little worry wart; but he makes us laugh, and we love him just as God made him.
Oh!  And before I get to a few of our 4th of July pics, I just had to throw in these cuties of my littlest enjoying her ice-cream, after church, on Sunday, at Jason's Deli.
On Monday, when Adina got up from her afternoon nap, we went to Lowe's to pick up a few of the things we'll need for the portion of our bathroom remodel that we'll be doing ourselves; and while BJ was figuring everything out, I conducted a little photo shoot to keep my kiddos happy.
My hubby, finally, picked out his Father's Day/birthday gift, from me, too.  Woohoo!
We never did get to that fireworks show.  All Adina wanted to do was go swimming in her little, wading pool.  So, we humored her and put that new grill to work for a backyard BBQ, complete with a festive, Jell-O treat.
Now, you'd think that that pretty, little thing would've been dessert enough, but no.  We had to throw in a little, homemade ice-cream, too.  Mmmmmm!
And just for fun, here's a few parting shots of the rest of our celebrations.
Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a great week!


Lynn said...

Oh...I certainly hope the water main was fixed quickly! I love the sign that Ezekiel put up in the bathroom. He sounds a lot like my Jonathon. I can't change up things too quickly on him or it upsets him. I love my sweet, sensitive guy though. Isn't it amazing how different our children can be from one another?

gift said...

All picture are awesome. I like all but mostly a brother sister picture and a little girl looking so cute and her picture she is lying down is very fabulous. I like your blog very much and sharing it with my friends.

lynn said...

sweet pics, jinny! except for the raccoon thing, your weekend looked fab:)