Weekend Snapshots & a Winner

Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Monday, ya'll!  It's been a busy morning, in our household, between laundry and bed changes and making a meal for another, new mom from our church.  So much so, that I was feeling icky by lunch time.  That's what I get for forgetting to eat breakfast and not taking care of myself.  Anyway, my hubby fixed lunch for the kiddos and even cleaned up a lot of the mess I made, from cooking, in the kitchen, before heading back to work.  So, I laid down for just a bit; and while I'm still not feeling 100%, I'm now able to function properly.  Thanks, Baby!

Anyway, I hope you all aren't getting tired of basketball shots of my big kiddo; because I've got a few more, for you, today.  He's learning so much, and while his team still hasn't won a game, they doubled their best score this week.  Woohoo!  Ezekiel even made two baskets.  Oh!  And just in case you haven't figured it out yet, Ezekiel's jersey number is one.
On the way home from basketball, our car lost a lot of value.  (Please ignore the dust on my dash.)  Sally (That's what Ezekiel and I named her about six years ago now.) has been such a great car for us.  And while there's many times that we wish she were bigger, we love the benefit of better gas mileage while we're tooting around town.
While the rest of our weekend was packed to the brim with visits from both sets of my kiddos' grandparents and church activities, I only have a few more shots to share with you all, and they boast my Birthday Giveaway winner as randomly chosen by my kiddos.
Congratulations, Diana!  Shoot me an email with your mailing address, and I'll get your package in the mail, to you, ASAP.  And thanks again, ya'll, for all the sweet, birthday wishes!  I also don't think that I ever said thank you for all your thoughtful, get-well wishes for Adina.  Her fever dropped last Thursday, but we really tried to take it easy this weekend, because she just hasn't been herself since.  I think we all just need a day to sleep, not have anything planned, and just be a family.  Keeping up with schedules is exhausting!

So, thanks so much for popping in here to check on me!  I'll be back, late tomorrow, with the start of five days of February/March Release sneak peeks from Wplus9 Design.  Have a wonderful, work week, ya'll!  Oh!  And if you haven't already, please go vote for Ezekiel to get one of the coveted Young Environmentalist slots for Sea Life Aquarium.  You can read about all the details in this post.  Unfortunately, the whole competition isn't based on what the children wrote or how creative they got with their drawings.  It's simply on how many people you know on Facebook, and to be honest, we aren't.  So, if it's not asking too much, please share the link on your Facebook pages, too.  Voting ends tomorrow, and he needs at least 80 more votes!  Thanks again and again!


Lisa Elton said...

So sorry your're under the weather Jinny and that Adina is still not up to par either. You two need a mommy and me day of rest! Fun photos of your little guy too! Take care ;)

Tammy said...

Hope you're feeling better Jinny!
Love the basketball shots. My 5 year old started basketball a few weeks ago and loves it! Can't believe that there are cheerleaders at your son's game--I guess every sport starts young!

Linda Beeson said...

We were at a basketball game this weekend too, fun stuff.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

AWE! I just love the pics of Ezekiel's basketball game! SO happy he made some shots!!! <3 Great job, Ezekiel!!!!!!!!!!!

I also shared Ezekiel's link on FB the other day! Hope he wins!!!

And congrats to your winner! So glad you had a great weekend:)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeee the photos... so fun!!! And YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY Diana! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Diana Fisher said...

Thanks, Jinny!!! :) Emailing you now!