Weekend Snapshots

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey, ya'll!  I just wanted to stop back in here, this evening, to share a few pics of our lazy weekend.  We spent Saturday morning playing in the gardens.  Then, we were off to Ezekiel's Awana Games, which is a competition between lots of clubs from various churches in our area.
Before all the action began, there was a fun, little show put on by Wings of Love.
And they came out with a second place finish.  Woohoo!
Oh!  And I just had to throw in a few pics of Adina, giggling her little heart out over a balloon.
It rained all day on Sunday.  So, I'm so glad we were able to get out in the gardens on Saturday.  Plus, it made for a really great day to catch up, from the busy week, with a lazy morning and a little nap before church.  Then, we started our first day of Spring Break out with a plate of blueberry pancakes, smothered in blueberry syrup.  Mmmm!
We played, in the yard, for most of the day.  LOVE!  And since I showed you all Adina's boo-boo back here, Ezekiel thought I should share his :).  Although, his are all doctored up, but he had quite the wipe-out.
I tried to stomach, after lunch, today, watching BJ gut his latest catch.  I didn't make it past this picture, though.  I just can't!  When we got married, one of the women in our church gave me the advice of, "If you don't know how to fillet a fish, don't learn."  And I think she was a very wise woman.
Finally, I wanted to leave you all, for today, with a few of the signs of spring I captured from my gardens.  Here are the irises that I recently transplanted and am hoping they'll do okay this year.  I know they'll come back.  I just don't know if they'll thrive this season.
And here's one of my hyacinths, peeking out from behind the leaves of my daisies.
These are tiger lilies...
day lilies...
and crocus.  LOVE all the gorgeous color that fills my gardens!  Now, I'm working on learning what to plant, in them, to keep that color all year round, even if it's just evergreens in the winter.
I hope the signs of spring are popping up in your neck of the woods, too!  Tomorrow, we're off, with friends, to the zoo, and my kiddos are just giddy with anticipation.  But before that, I've got to see who Ben picks on The Bachelor.  LOL!  I know... I know... You're rolling your eyes.  I honestly don't know what to think about this season.  No one like Courtney has ever made it this far, but she has seemed like a completely different person now that the rest of the girls are pretty much out of the picture.  So, who is she, really?!  And Ben seems a little too immature to be getting down on one knee, but my hubby was, too, and that seems to have worked out okay ;).  I've been trying to avoid the tabloids and blogs so as to be surprised tonight, but I have a feeling I already know who he picked.  Anyway, thanks so much for checking in on me, and I hope you all have a fabulous week!


Lisa Elton said...

Thanks for sharing Jinny! Wishing you a blessed spring break! Have fun at the zoo ;)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sooooooooo fun!! LOVING all the photos... wellllll except for the fish one! LOL!!!