Weekend Snapshots

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey, ya'll!  I hope you had memorable and relaxing weekends!  We started ours at Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic.  BJ captured this photo, of us building mini chalkboards, on his cell.
While we were there, I got a call from my Mom, inviting us down for dinner.  My little sister and her family were already there, working on a home project with my Dad.  Then, my big sister came, with her family, to bring a stray kitty to live on my parent's land.  And finally, my little brother decided to use the opportunity to introduce everyone to his girlfriend.  So, as soon as Adina's friend's little birthday party was over, we jumped in the car and made the trek, while Adina napped on the way.
Here are some of my favorite pictures, from our afternoon/evening, at my parents' place, beginning with this picture of my nephews, Hunter and Grant, hanging out, on the dock, with Ezekiel.
This is our dog, Summer, relaxing with my brother's dog, Buster.
Adina couldn't resist giving a little love to Grandpa and Grandma's new kitty...
or enjoying a banana split with her cousin/my niece, Deidra.
LOVED this one of my niece, Madison, hugging on her Grandpa/my Dad...
as well as this one of my nephews, again, all cleaned up for bedtime.
And finally, of course, I just couldn't leave out this one of my brother, Jason, and his girlfriend.  It was so good to meet you, Sarah!
Just like that, our low-key weekend, with little to nothing planned, turned into precious time with my family.  Thanks for putting up with all the muddy feet and sticky fingerprints and inviting us to dinner, Mom and Dad!  Every moment was truly treasured!  We got home super late.  So, on Sunday, we slept in and went to the second service at church.  Then, while the kiddos rested, I got busy in my creative space, and BJ got that yard work, that I mentioned in Friday's TSTR #106 & CPS 257 post, completed; before he and Ezekiel were off to Awana and Adina and I on a long walk, as well as a stop by the park.
That sums up the long and short of it.  Needless to say, we were ready for bed come Sunday night :).  Even after a good nap, I still think Adina's eyes look so tired and glazed over in that photo above.  Oh!  And before I run get those bed sheets changed and grade a few papers, I couldn't resist tossing in this picture of one of the blossoms on our little apple tree.  I think it was four years ago, this summer, that we planted it; and while it's steadily grown, this is the first time we've seen blossoms.  Woohoo!  I'm crossing my fingers for a few apples this fall.  Mmmmm!
Thanks so much for checking in on me!  I so appreciate all your visits!  Have a terrific week!


Lynn said...

Jinny, how wonderful was the time with your family! an impromptu get together sounds like the best...the kids all look so happy to be together!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!! I loveeeee all the photos!!

Tracy said...

WOW! That was a jam packed weekend Jinny! So glad you had so much fun. Great pics. :-)