Weekend Snapshots

Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Monday morning to you all!  Well, our weekend proved to be just as busy as we anticipated it to be.  So much so, that after church yesterday, we all crashed for over two and half hours.  Y'all, I'm telling you, I was so tired, I could've slept clear through until this morning, if it hadn't been for my son tiptoeing in the hall outside our bedroom door and waking us up.  He doesn't know how to take naps.  Sigh.  So, what kept us so busy?

Well, the boys went on a little, father/son camp out Friday night; and I just don't sleep as well, when we're not all together.  Plus, they couldn't have picked a colder night to sleep in a tent.  We're talking frost, y'all!  But they survived and came home, bright and early Saturday morning, to a hot plate of pancakes and bacon, before we were off to the KCI Expo Center for the MidWest Parent Educators Annual Conference and Curriculum Fair.

The whole thing is always so overwhelming as far as options and people throwing information at you and stopping you to tell you all about their program, but fortunately, we know which program we're using and were able to get in and out in time for a late lunch, as well as being able to tap into a few great series of challenging, yet age-appropriate, books for my little reader.  Oh!  And Adina couldn't take her eyes off "Curious George".  You should've seen how excited she was, when she saw him come around the corner.  Honestly, I'm not really sure if he was meant to be George, but she was absolutely positive he was.  LOL!
Then, we were off to Lawrence for my cousin Chris' wedding.  Here comes the bride, in her gorgeous gown, with her step dad.
My Grandpa did a little, scripture reading...
and my Uncle Rick (Chris' dad) performed the ceremony.
There was about an hour and a half between the actual ceremony and the reception, while the wedding party was taking pictures.  So, we got cupcakes at Billy Vanilly.  Mmmm!
Then, we were back to the reception for Smokin' Guns BBQ and wedding "cake".
Take a closer look, and you'll find doughnuts!  So fun!
Congratulations, Chris and Betsy!  It was so fun and extra special to be included in your big day!
And thanks so much, to you all, for stopping by!  Have a blessed week!


Anita Rex said...

What a fun weekend! We had a busy one too so I know how you feel! :> Love that wedding cake!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a great weekend!! And that is soooooooooo Curious George! LOL! And that wedding DONUT cake!!! How AWESOME is that?!?!?!?!??!!?

farmhouse-story said...

awesome cake! darling couple:)

Tracy said...

LOL I've NEVER seen a doughnut wedding cake! That really is fun. :-) I love those gauzy sleeves on her gown. Such a pretty touch.
Ahhh the days of curriculum fairs. So glad that's behind us. LOL I still have a box of books I need to sell or get rid of. sigh....another task that needs doing. :-)
Glad you had a such a great weekend. Hugs!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHH! Super fun weekend--packed with major events! LOVE the cupcakes! MMMM! And that wedding dress is GORGEOUS:) I bet the card you gave them was FABULOUS and STUNNING:)