More April Pubs

Friday, May 4, 2012

I promised you all that I'd be back with another line-up of publications from the April 2012 issue of CARDS Magazine.  So, I'm here, today, to deliver.  And just in case you missed them, you can find a few more, in my previous, April Pubs post, by scrolling down.

Anyway, I'm absolutely beyond thrilled to have had the honor of being the Designer of the Month for the month of April.  Eeek!  Somebody pinch me!  I nearly fell out of my seat, when I got the request from Mrs. Hannah Craner, and I'm still doing a happy dance today.  It's been so fun!  Anyway, you can find my little write-up and five, original, card creations, along with all the supplies and steps for their making, on pages 122 through 127.  I've listed the cards below in the order of their appearance in the magazine.  Enjoy!
So, that's the long and short of it, folks!  I hope you've been thoroughly inspired to run off, to your creative spaces, to get inky!  But before you're off to it, I have just a few housekeeping items for you.
  1. Please note that there seems to  be a few technical difficulties with The Play Date Cafe Blog.  If you're having trouble getting past the Shabby Blogs warning message, hang in there.  We're trying to get things resolved as soon as possible.
  2. Just a reminder that you have until 6:00 am EST, this coming Monday morning, to link up your takes on Papercraft Star's Challenge 95: Mother's Day.  Looking forward to seeing what you all have been up to!
  3. Finally, be sure to pop over to the Sketches in Thyme Blog, too.  We have a new crop of Mavens joining the team, and they've whipped up some awfully inspiring pages to get you through the weekend.  Please be sure to give them a warm welcome!
 Off to to do just that!  Hugs!  Have a good one, y'all!


Kim said...

Jinny, Thanks so much for dropping in on me:) So excited to be a maven! Anyways, how Awesome it must be to be published!!!! Whoop Whoop for you! I love all you cards and can't believe how perfect your sewing is!

Ruby said...

Such BEAUTIFUL cards Jinny, your style is just absolutely perfect for publishing. I just LOVE popping by and well done for being featured as Guest Designer too, woohoo!!!

ps - thanks for your little note re pdcc xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You are AMAZING!! CONGRATS on all the pubs!! Your cards are all beautiful!! Ohhhhh and hey, I have a question for you... my email is connected to this comment.. can you email me when you have a chance?? Thanks love!!

Lisa Elton said...

FANTASTIC Jinny! Love the first one, such fun elements and the sweet baby girl card...ADORABLE!

curlyqmosaics said...

These cards are fabulous! I love all the stitching and attention to detail you put into every card. I especially love the top one with the red imagery in the background and the big yellow ribbon. Total perfection.

Tracy said...

Well it's no wonder all these beauties got published. You've been rockin and rollin out some A1 work here girl. They're all so different which just goes to prove what a wonderful artist you are. :-) Congrats on all your pubs Jinny! Hugs!

Nuki Adiati said... really deserve all that pubs! Stunning works, Jinny.

Can't wait to work with you as a team on SiT. I am your newest follower.


Christina said...

Gorgeous cards, Jinny! Congrats again on being featured in CARDS!

Colleen Dietrich said...

Boy, oh, boy, Jinny! That's quite a parade of fabulous cards! I feel like I say the same thing all the time about how wonderful your stuff is, but it's really true and I've run out of adjectives to describe my reactions! LOL You rock, Jinny Newlin!

Anita Rex said...

Hi Jinny I was so happy for you when I saw you as the designer of the month! So well deserved! :> Loved the interview and so loved all your cards!!!!!!!!!!

Sleepy Stamper said...

Congratulations Jinny! Such beautiful cards! I love all the little details you put into each of your creations. So well deserved:-)