Weekend Snapshots

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well, hello there!  So sorry that it's been a little quiet around here lately.  I've been busy playing with my family, and you know I've had my inky, little fingers all up in DT projects, too.  Can't wait to share!  But until then, how about a few pictures, before we're off to the park?

You may remember that Ezekiel was given a couple of tickets to Sea Life Aquarium for his efforts in the Young Environmentalist Competition.  Well, they had to be used by the end of May.  So, my hubby took off work, on Friday, with the intention of us all going as a family.  Then, he happened upon the reviews; and together, we decided that, due to the expense involved in buying two additional tickets for us all to go, he'd just stay home with Adina, while Ezekiel and I went.

Now, I have to be honest and say that I'm so glad that he did.  While we still had a good time, just being together and seeing the sights, it was, by far, not the best aquarium we've been to.  It is extremely overpriced and definitely geared more towards the littlest ones.  It even has a play area that requires one to be less than 4' 9".  Ezekiel's not quite that tall yet, but it was way too small for him!  It also has ramps and whatnot for strollers, but it is not stroller friendly.  The paths are just too narrow.  I mean, if you have any claustrophobic inclinations whatsoever, this is not the place for you.  Plus, I guess I was looking for the wow factor and never saw it, but be sure to check it out for yourselves.  Buy your tickets online, though.  Not only is it cheaper, but the line, for purchasing tickets at the doors, is outdoors, and that's just no place anyone wants to be in Kansas' hot and humid summer temperatures or piercing winter winds.  Oh!  And if you need to, be sure to use the ONE bathroom along the way, because it's nearly impossible to get back to it against the flow of traffic.

With that said, here are a few pics of our hour visit.  I have to apologize, in advance, for the color of them, too.  I felt like we were in an arcade the whole time and had trouble adjusting my photographs to accommodate that lighting.
The touch tank was pretty cool, especially because, being from Kansas, we're obviously a bit landlocked and don't get the opportunity to interact with sea life.  From said such comes our fascination with it as well ;).
We waited, in line, in a tunnel, and I might add with nothing but walls to look at, for more than ten minutes; because, of course, everyone wanted the chance to see what was swimming around, once the tunnel opened up to the tanks.
Fortunately, it opens to a big, airy, viewing area, for the sting rays, after that.
The one thing that keeps it entertaining for the older kiddos is a nine-step quiz trail.  If they get all the questions correct, on their scratch cards, they earn a medal from the gift shop.  Ezekiel is really proud of his medal ;).
We didn't have many other plans, for the weekend, other than staying close to home and just enjoying having BJ off work and around to help.  Oh!  And while I was getting creative, on Saturday afternoon, BJ built these domes for our upcoming Vacation Bible School's preschool program.
My kiddos spent lots of time trying to beat the heat by playing in the water.
LOVE these action shots!
We were also grateful for the extra time we had to accomplish those nagging chores and relished in being able to linger around the table, after meals, just talking.  All in all, it was a very relaxing long weekend, which we rounded out with a Memorial Day BBQ and strawberry shortcake.  Yum!
Don't forget that you have until the close of tonight EST to link up your takes on The Play Date Cafe's Challenge #133.  Then, I'll be back, first thing tomorrow morning, with my take on a brand new challenge from Papercraft Star.  Until then, thank you ever so much for stopping by, and have an undeniably blessed week!  Hugs!


Lynn said...

Oh how we love slip 'n slides! Fabulous!

Tracy said...

You really got some great shots of your munchkins. :-) Can't wait to see these on layouts. Hugs Jinny!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How fun!! LOVING all the photos!! And I agree about Sealife... we have been to two of them -- here in AZ and the other in Legoland... and I wasn't impressed at all...