Family Update

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hey, y'all!  It's been so long since I've shared what all we've been up to.  Matter of fact, I'm not even sure if I can get it all into this one, little post, but you know me.  I'm gonna try ;).  So, over the last couple of weeks of DT projects and releases here on my blog, as a family, we got to go to the screening for Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted in 3D.  We got passes, on Mother's Day, at the Pancakes for Penguins breakfast, at the Kansas City Zoo.  I have to be honest and say that no matter how much I loved the first one, I wasn't a fan of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.  But y'all, this third one is absolutely hilarious from the get go; and in my opinion, it may just be the best of the trio.
When we got home, we found a falcon on our back porch!
We think that it may have come through one of the screens in the door, because my kiddos have loosened the webbing along the bottom edge; but boy, it had the hardest time getting out.  We opened the door all the way, but he just couldn't figure out open from closed.  He even knocked himself out for a little while.  At that point, my hubby was ready to go pick him up, but those talons made him think twice.  Eventually, it found its way out.
It sure had our dog on alert, though.
Ezekiel had a little accident at church and had to pay a visit to the Emergency Room for two staples in his scalp.  Fortunately, he has a full head of hair to cover up his little scar.  Plus, he handled it all with such grace.  Poor thing!
Then, last week, he had Vacation Bible School (VBS) every morning, but Adina and I had lots of fun just the two of us.  We even made a trip to Deanna Rose Farmstead with friends.
I think she could've stayed and pet this calf, literally, all day.  We so need to move to the farm!
And feeding the goats, of course, was super fun!  That is, until they tried to eat her hair and bit her finger.  LOL!
Then, my nieces, Madison and Jenna, spent a day with us, while my parents went to New Theatre Restaurant.
And my parents joined us, in the evening, for a birthday dinner for my hubby!  Happy birthday, Baby!
Then, we rounded out the week with Ezekiel's VBS Program.  He was so proud to show us what he'd learned and literally came racing through the door, to tell us all about his morning, every day.
In between songs, some of the older kiddos put on a little play.
And somewhere in the middle of it all, Adina started swim lessons.  We had dinner with family friends.  Our air conditioner went out (Ugh!), and we got ourselves a new pet.  Her name is Katie, and my kiddos just couldn't love her any more!
We've been super busy but enjoying every minute of our summer routines or lack thereof ;).  Oh!  And I couldn't resist throwing in this last one of Adina.  The little stinker pulled an old mascara tube, of mine, out of the trash can.  LOL!
Now, we're off to the park.  Then, Adina's got another swim lesson, and Ezekiel begins Coach Pitch baseball tonight.  And that's not to mention making a trip to the post office, doing the dishes, catching up on our laundry, changing the bed sheets, etc., etc., etc.  It's proving to be a busy day.  Aaaah!  Thanks so much for checking in on us!  Have a super blessed week!


Larissa Heskett said...

THANKS for sharing!! We can't wait to see the Movie and will be going on Tuesday Night!! We had planned to go Sunday afternoon, but Beckett decided mowing and planting the food plots for the wild animals in our creek bottoms was more important!! HAHAHA~wonder if he'll feel the same way when he is 14!!?? Sounds like you had quit a weekend!! Hope your little guy is feeling better!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Lisa Elton said...

Ok now I'm worm out!! Love all of the pics Jinny, poor baby boy of yours with that big old bandage :( and Adina with the mascara! That is an I know I'm in trouble face if I ever saw one!!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

BUSY X20! LOVE the update! LOVE the pics of the kids--Ezekiel's pic makes me sad! POOR thing! And I LOVE Adina with the mascara! Hope you have a great week:)

Tracy said...

Goog grief! Did you have time to breath in there? LOL You've been one busy bunch. I know I shouldn't laugh at that poor hawk, but your picture on him on his back cuckoo just makes me snicker. Hope poor Ezekiel's head feels better. Adina's makeup adventure reminded me of my daughters self haircut adventure. She hid her shorn locks under her bed. LOL I know all your running around has been fun but I hope you have a little more relaxed week to recoup. :-) Hugs!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Goodness girl... you have been busy!!! I loveeeeeee all the photos (well except for poor Ezekiel and the Falcon!) .... Adina with the mascara is toooooooooo cute!!!

Ros said...

What lovely stories and photos ... you reminded me that when my son was 4 ... we went with Nursery class to the zoo ... the goats literally eat his name tag whilst he just stood there! Thanks for that memory ... I'm so smiling ... he's nearly 30 now!

Darnell said...

Great post, Jinny! Your family photos are such fun and I especially loved how you captured the plight of the beautiful falcon! Now, go, you're a busy girl!

Elise said...

YOU are blessed, beyond DESCRIPTION! WHAT outstanding family photos and story telling! Gawshhhhh! I'm SO relieved that hawk made it out! What a STORY! Thanks for sharing!