For the Love of Books

Friday, August 24, 2012

I promised you all a little something different than my usual today; and I'm here, now, to deliver.  If you've been with me for a while now, you've probably heard me mention a number of times that I have a HUGE love for children's books.  I've been collecting them since I was in the second grade and knew that I wanted to be an elementary teacher someday.  I'm not kidding!  I knew all the way back then, and that's exactly what I became.  So, don't underestimate your kiddos, y'all ;)!  Anyway, we've, now, got a library of over 1,000 children's books, and that doesn't even touch the thousands more that I've read with my kiddos.  They're smitten!  So, enough background.

The real reason for this post is that I've always wanted to make this a place to share really great and not always well-known children's books, and it's taken me nearly three years to do so.  Many of the books I have to share with you all, most likely on a once-a-month basis, aren't even in our home library.  They come right from the neighborhood library my children and I frequent.  The book I've chosen to share, with you all, today was done so in honor of it being back-to-school time for many of our kiddos.  It is recommended for five to eight-year-olds, but my big kiddo, as well as my husband and I, literally laugh out loud every time we read through the beautifully illustrated pages.
Thank You, Miss Doover, written by Robin Pulver and illustrated by Stephanie Roth Sisson, is the story of a young boy, named Jack, learning to write a thank you letter, using the form for a friendly letter.  His teacher, Miss Doover, is patient and encouraging but begins to show her obvious discouragement as she walks Jack through several drafts that reveal the absolutely hilarious usages of a birthday gift from Jack's Great-Aunt Gertie.  Jack and his classmates may not have ever completely gotten the exercise, but Miss Doover's delivery is an effective lesson in letter writing and will bring life and laughter to your kiddos' dreaded thank yous.

And there you have it, folks!  I'd love to hear what you think, if you've read this book before or if you race off to pick it up now.  My hopes are that this is a place parents, grandparents, childcare workers, and teachers alike can come to find clean, well-written, and entertaining children's books that will make our children fall in love with reading.  Thanks so much for reading!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Miriam Prantner said...

Love this Jinny! We are big book readers here too, so I'm definitely going to be checking this one looks right up Ellie's alley. Would love if this became a regular feature! We are getting to the age where random pulling library books off the shelf to bring home isn't the best idea anymore. I'm surprised at some of the not so good books we've ended up with....I try and filter them at the library before we check out now, but don't always get a chance as we're often there right around closing time.

Tracey Sabella said...

Looks like a fun book, thanks for sharing. Our children are past this stage, but you never know when grandchildren might come along. I kept all of those childrens books from our children's younger days. I love to read and read them to our nieces when they were toddlers. ~ Blessings, Tracey

Jill Norwood said...

I just reserved this at our local library. So glad you are sharing books! My son and I love good reads and this one looks charming!!!