Family Update

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Saturday, folks!  Just popping in, as promised, to share a few pics of the happenings, around our place, over the last couple of weeks.  Ezekiel had another homeschool program at the Kansas City Zoo.  This one was about polar bears.  I think it was strategically planned to get the kids excited about the new polar bear that just arrived.  She's in quarantine but will, hopefully, soon be buddying up to her male counterpart.  The zoo staff is crossing their fingers for a love match ;).  Anyway, here's a few pics of us enjoying a chilly morning, while the big kids attended their class.
BJ also had his company Christmas party last week.  I didn't get to go, but even though it looks a little smooshed, he brought me home an absolutely scrumptious tiramisu.  Yummy!  Thanks, Baby!
My kiddos have been getting Christmas presents in the mail, which they just couldn't love any more!
Adina looks a little glazed over in that last photo.  She's come down with some of my ickies.  Poor thing!  I'm not surprised, though.  She just doesn't understand personal space ;).  I also, officially, have all the gifts wrapped.  We even found a little time to make these cute, little, candy cane reindeer for the cousins and neighborhood kids.  Of course, my kiddos each wanted one, too, and Adina just had to have a pink nose instead.  LOVE that she's not afraid to be different!
And we got our first snow!  Sigh.  Isn't it beautiful?!  I wish I had felt good enough to get out in the thick of it and take more photos, but now that I'm finally feeling up to it, it's just mush.
That about covers it.  We've got a little grocery shopping and baking to get done today and are super excited to get to spend Christmas Eve, in just a couple of days, with my side of the family.  My Mom's got her hands full with taking care of my Dad, who I'm super anxious to see again ;).  So, she happily handed over lunch and dinner to my sisters, my brother, and myself.  My hubby's brining a turkey, and I've got homemade dinner roll duty, along with a few other yummies, including a dinner salad, Mediterranean Cheesecake, and pumpkin roll.  I've also got to decide what birthday cake I'm making for Jesus for our own family celebrations.  I usually pick a new recipe from Paula Deen's latest Christmas magazine, but I just couldn't find a copy, for my very own, this year.  I have found a nook edition, but it seems to not be available online anywhere else; and the usual vendors, right here in town, never had any in stock.  Sigh.  I'm not giving up yet, though ;).
Okay, y'all, I'd better stop rambling and go get something done.  Have a wonderfully blessed last weekend before Christmas!  And I hope to see you all back here again next week.  Big hugs!


Lynn said...

Jinny, safe travels to your family this week. I'm sure it will be so nice to be home with your dad. I hope Adina gets some rest and doesn't feel too bad. Merry Christmas!

Annette Allen said...

thinking of you and wishing you safe travels.. Merry Christmas

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Great pics!!! I love the kid ones!!! They are just so precious!! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Lisa Elton said...

Fun pics today Jinny! I sure hope Adina is feeling better soon, poor baby. Enjoy your family get together and be safe! Merry Christmas ;)

Darnell said...

So fun to read all about your doings, Jinny! Best wishes to you and the family for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!