Weekend Snapshots

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well, hello there!  I trust you all are having a wonderful week!  We're plugging away at ours.  Ezekiel has had the hardest time, staying focused on his schoolwork, since Thanksgiving Break.  I'm thinking it has more to do with Christmas being right around the corner than with the break itself, but it makes me so sad to see him not working up to his full potential, and he's got so much to do yet before Christmas.  Sigh.  He did start basketball practice last week.  So, fortunately, he has an outlet for some of that extra energy.  AND it's been super warm in our neck of the woods, which allows us to play and get out and about.  Woohoo!

Matter of fact, as soon as my hubby got home from work last night, I went out to get some Christmas shopping done.  My kiddos are old enough that it's tough to sneak things, under coats, into the cart anymore.  So, with not having any family close by or a cheap babysitter lined up, that leaves one of us home with them.  I've got to admit that while it's much more fun to shop together, my hubby doesn't usually have much input anyway ;).  Anyway, now, I feel like I can sleep much better at night, knowing that the bulk of the shopping is complete.  Sigh of relief.  Oh!  And just before I left, since my hubby doesn't get to be in charge of dinner very often, and when he is, he's not always good about serving things from all the food groups, I gave him a lecture about making sure that what he fixed was healthy.  Well, he wanted to prove to me that he whipped up a healthy and delicious dinner, so he took a picture.  LOL!  Didn't he do well?
So, what I really wanted to pop in here to share were some pictures of our weekend with my side of the family.  It was our annual Green Family Christmas, and this year, we were at my aunt and uncle's, in Lawrence, Kansas, for the Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade.
You'd never know it was December, in Kansas, from how warm it was.  It was the perfect day for a horse parade!
(from left to right, beginning in the back row, that's my nephew Hunter, my nieces Jenna and Deidra, Ezekiel, my nephew Grant, Adina, and my niece Madison)
(my Uncle Rod and his granddaughter Camaro)
Ezekiel went back to my aunt and uncle's with my sister and her family.  So, that left just my hubby, me, and our littlest, who wasn't being a very good subject for all my picture taking; and together, we got lost in a fabulous, old bookstore, The Raven.
Then, Adina took a little snooze on our way out to my aunt and uncle's...
where we had a scrumptious lunch and sang Christmas carols, led by my cousin Chris' new wife, Betsy.  (See pics of their wedding back here.)  She also let the kiddos strum the guitar strings, while she played the notes and sang.  She was so patient, but it was interesting, to say the least.  LOL!
Then, my Uncle Rick gave us all hay-rack rides...
and we just enjoyed one another's company.
(my cousin Matt's wife Linda and Adina)
(Linda and I)
(my brother Jason and his new wife Sarah (You can see pics of their wedding here.))
Then, Adina got another, little nap on the way home...
and Ezekiel enjoyed a new Christmas book, that we picked up, at the bookstore above, to add to our collection.  I'm hoping to pull together a list of that collection, for you all, sometime next week; but I'm also preparing for a fantastic, winter, Paper Sweeties release.  So, if I don't get it posted next week, I'll get it to you all ASAP.  I know there are some of you wanting to purchase noteworthy books, for your own kiddos, for Christmas, and that's just around the corner.  Aaaah!
Well, y'all, that sums it up for now.  I'll be back, first thing tomorrow, with Sketches in Thyme's first December sketch.  Then, we've got a Market Street Stamps Block Party to keep you all extra busy this weekend.  I hope you'll join me for all the fun!  And just in case you happened to miss it, we just came off a Wplus9 Design release, so please be sure to scroll down to see what I've whipped up with all the fabulous, new goodies.  Thanks so much for checking in on us, and have a terrific rest of your week!  Hugs!


Lisa Elton said...

Oh I remember THOSE days of trying to hide the gifts! My hubby had the perfect plan and hid them in our garage attic. Pull down stairs made it quick and easy ;) One year with our son's letterman jacket we put it right in my hubby's closet and pulled the other clothes tight to it...he never knew!

I'm SO proud of your hubby~great meal there dad!!

What a perfect day for your family gathering and the parade, looks like LOTS of fun!

Lynn said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures Jinny! Well done to BJ on dinner! My shopping day is Friday!

Annette Allen said...

always nice to see how you weekend was...such great memories... Thanks for sharing.

Maria said...

Awwww...sweet family photos! Looks like you all had lots of fun! Thank you for sharing! Take care, hugs!

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend Jinny!!! I love your pictures!!!!! TFS!! :-)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks like a great weekend!! I loveeeeeeee the parade photos!! And I hope he starts doing better at his school work!!!