Weekend Snapshots

Monday, September 30, 2013

Afternoon, y'all!  I hope you enjoyed your weekends.  Ours was packed to the brim, so before our Wplus9 Design October/November Release Week begins tonight (Woohoo!), I wanted to pop in here to share a few pics.  We took a trip to the Pony Express National Museum, in St. Joseph, Missouri, on Friday morning.  What a great stop!
A pony express rider began his trip, in St. Joseph, at these original Pikes Peak Stables and ended it, approximately 10 (good weather) to 16 (bad weather) days later, in Sacramento, California.  There were relay stations every 10 to 15 miles for relieving oneself ;), getting a drink, and switching horses and every 75 to 100 miles for changing clothes.
These are the founders of the pony express, William Russell, Alexander Majors, and William Waddell.  It's interesting to note that it only lasted 18 months due to the completion of the faster, more efficient, transcontinental telegraph in the fall of 1861.
Because St. Joe is also the location of the beginning of the Oregon and California trails, there was also lots of information about what the settlers were like, how they traveled, the dangers they would've surely faced along the way, and what might've gone with them.
This was the well originally used to water the horses of the pony express.  It was capped in 1881 but uncovered, in an archaeological dig, over 100 years later.  Adina's watching the water come up from the well through a Plexiglas window.
My kiddos had lots of fun stamping on the thin paper required for delivery by the pony express...
and rubbing a little souvenir.
Then, while Adina was enjoying the play area...
my hubby tried to sort the mail in 30 seconds.  He failed miserably ;).
We also visited the in-house Messick Gallery, which is packed to the brim with horse memorabilia.  Below are a couple of my favorite pieces.
Afterwards, we picked up a little lunch at Pappy's, which we went to on a recommendation by the person running the museum; and oh, my gracious.  It was delicious!  Thanks, Michelle!  Most of you know that I'm a demi-vegetarian, so hamburgers aren't really my thing, but they had the best veggie burger I've ever come across.  We left stuffed to the brim, and the owners were super friendly.
Then, we were off to Schweizer Orchards to do a little apple picking.  Our usual stop is Pome on the Range just south of Ottawa, Kansas; but we thought we'd change things up a bit this year, and we're so glad we did.  The apples were much bigger and in better condition here, not to mention that the selection was fantastic, and you could drive on a gravel path surrounding the orchard itself which made hauling our 75 pounds of apples to the store much easier.
I just love our visits to the orchard!  And they had a great playground for the kids to enjoy and all kinds of fall activities to be had.
At home, we discovered this stick bug, just hanging out on our porch.
We've also had a praying mantis for about a month, but it has quite the appetite, making it hard to keep dinner on the table.  Plus, with winter being right around the corner, our bug pickings would be slim, so we decided it was best to set it free.
That Saturday, evening, neighborhood dinner, that I mentioned in an earlier post, didn't get rained out.  We did get lots of rain, which made for a great day to cook and clean and craft, but it cleared up just in time for the party to begin.  I was asked to make a batch of guacamole to take along and whipped up these festive Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting for dessert.
Finally, I couldn't resist throwing in this sweet pic of my littlest all ready for Awana club last night.  This is her first year of Cubbies, and she's loving it so much!  Sigh.  Why do they have to grow up so fast?
That covers things for now, folks.  Hope to see you all back here tonight.  Until then, thanks so much for checking in on us, and have a fantastic start to your work weeks.


natasha said...

Did you need to set up a tour at the museum? I would love to visit there this year as we are studying American history. We are still taking about the settlers now so we have some time til we get to the pony express. :). Looked so fun!

Lynn said...

Looks like an action packed weekend full of fun. I'd be ready for a nap! xoxo

Shirl said...

you sure manage to cram a lot into a day out.
and they grow up so fast so another little one can come along to occupy your time
really enjoyed your post Jinny

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks like a great weekend!! I loveeeeeeeeeee the photos!! Those cupcakes look yummy!!!!

Lisa Elton said...

Sounds like fun family times!! Cream cheese frosting with cinnamon sounds YUMMY!!

alexandra s.m. said...

What a fun week-end and great family pictures Jinny!
Thanks so much for sharing!!

Larissa Heskett said...

WOW!! Sounds like a FUN weekend!! We have had several stick bugs this summer!! More than usual, humm wonder if it's the weird weather!!?? thanks for sharing and have a Fabulous Week!! ;)

Ros Crawford said...

My goodness I've missed a lot of posts here ... Gorgeous photos and it looks like summer ... those apples look so delicious!

Jill Norwood said...

Such a wonderful post! I love the photos especially the one of your sweet family all together! Thanks for sharing!

Marybeth said...

Beautiful family and wonderful pictures! TFS! Looks like a wonderful day .

Meihsia Liu said...

What great photos, Jinny. I am so happy that you will have another child to share this happiness. Such a beautiful family! <3 :)