Weekend Snapshots

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Morning, friends!  I trust you all had wonderful weekends and even better beginnings to your work weeks.  We've had a bit of a busy start between school and getting back into the swing of activities surrounding such, as well as my having been under the weather for some time now.  We've also been battling our washing machine to actually function the way it should.  Sigh.  It's time for another, but we'd really like to try to hold off until we get into a new home, if we possibly can.  So, we ordered another part to fix it on our own, and I'm trying not to let our growing stack of dirty laundry overwhelm me while we wait for it to arrive.  Anyway, how about some pics of our weekend?  Well, first, I'd better back up to my birthday.
I made a yummy dinner, at home, to celebrate; and my hubby whipped up my favorite apple crumb cake, with sweet butter sauce, for dessert.  Love this take, because my daughter is boasting such an ornery face from blowing out most of my candles before I could and getting yelled at by her brother all the while.  LOL!
They spoiled me with lots of sweet-smelling lotions and shower gels from Bath & Body Works, as well as my favorite perfume and this gorgeous, Vera Bradley Mailbag and Kiss 'n Snap Wallet.
My oldest had even prepared a little concert for me while I was out celebrating with the girls the weekend before.  So sweet!
Then, my parents were in town Friday afternoon and evening.  So, they stayed with my kiddos while I went to my doctor's appointment, and then again, while my hubby took me out to a birthday dinner at Granite City.  I totally forgot my camera.  Sigh.  But I did get this grainy shot of our trio of desserts with my phone.  Oh, my gracious!  It all was ever so good and even gifted to us by my hubby's new boss.  Gotta love that!
Last week, I started pulling things that I'd tucked away for Kaden and realized that we didn't have as much as I thought we had.  It has, after all, been ten years since I had a baby boy, and most of those clothing items and necessities were passed down to family and friends ages ago.  So, after dinner, we were also able to do some baby shopping; and now, it's all washed and ready to go.
Saturday morning was all about relaxation and catching up.  My hubby had a few things that he needed to get done for work.  Ezekiel needed to brush up on his decimal work.  Adina just wanted to use her new, Christmas, Play-Doh tools from Grandpa and Grandma.  And a hot bubble bath called my name, but I couldn't resist this snapshot before I crawled in.
After church, on Sunday, we stopped by the mall to exchange a couple of Christmas gifts for bigger sizes only to find out that the store we needed to go to was no longer there.  That'll tell you how often we go to the mall.  LOL!  But while we were there, we had to pay a little visit to Barnes & Noble; and somehow, these fun reads snuck out the door with us.  I'm such a sucker for books!
And finally, my kiddos just had to show off some new clothes that I got them, for a steal, while online shopping for my niece's birthday.  I'm usually big into consignment sales and stores, but sometimes, brand new stuff sells for the same or a lesser cost.  Plus, I no longer can pick up large enough sizes, at such places, for Ezekiel.  Sigh.  He's growing up so fast, and big boy clothes are so expensive!  I think it's time for him to get a job ;).
Well, thanks so much for checking in on us!  We're keeping up but keeping busy.  I'm also trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends and get ahead on a few things before baby arrives.  My doctor says it could be any day, and my body is telling me the same.  Can't wait to kiss those little cheeks and count each and every tiny finger and toe!


Doreen Vasquez said...

Oh wow! So soon!
Seems like it went fast!
Good luck!
I hope all goes well!

Cute pics of your family!
Love the one of your "ornery" daughter and the family hanging out (before your bubble bath)!
Also, LOL to your son getting a job! I've been saying that for years about my 18 year old! ;0)

Unknown said...

hey Jinny, glad you were well treated on your birthday. The cake and those desserts look yummy. Maybe a trip to the laundramat is in order just to get yourself caught up on laundry all at once. I often do that with blankets and when we come home from the trailer. Take a book and read while the wash gets done.
Just think when Kaden grows up he'll have a ready made library.
have a great week.

Miriam Prantner said...

Great photos and update! Can't wait to hear some baby news!

Lisa Elton said...

Thanks for the pics Jinny! Looks like you had a few fun birthday celebrations! It's nice to be spoiled now and again ;) Oh the picture of Kaden's sweet little clothes and those teeny precious hats is too cute for words! I can't get over how much Ezekiel is growing. He's looking more like BJ everyday!! Can't wait for the baby news and I hope you feel better soon too {{HUGS}}!!!

Leslie Germain said...

Happy Birthday, Jinny! Love your pictures. Looks like you had a lot of fun celebrating.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving all the pics ... looks like the birthday was a success!! Can't wait to hear of baby news!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a great family weekend! So happy your birthday was awesome. Sounds like Kaden will be here before you know it!

KimCreate said...

Best wishes Jinny!

Ashley Horton said...

So glad you had a great birthday, Jinny!! That dessert looks pretty yummy!

Ros Crawford said...

I can't believe how tall your son has grown ... Lovely photos and glad you had a good birthday!

Maria said...

Sweet family photos! Thanks so much for sharing! Happy to hear you had a great bday! Take care, hugs!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Happppppppppy belated birthday, Jinny!

Looks like your family celebrated your special day with all the things you love:) And I LOVE that your hubs baked you your fav cake! <3

Great pics of the weekend/kids-- love that last one!

So sorry to hear about your washer! Hope everything is going well now <3 HUGS!