Family Update

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Morning, y'all!  Gosh, I cannot even begin to explain what a crazy couple of weeks we've had.  Then, on top of all the busyness, we've had all kinds of issues with our Internet.  One minute it's working, and the next, it's going all haywire.  Sigh.  So, I apologize profusely for my lack of visits.  I just got caught up and have, once again, fallen terribly behind.  I don't know how all you creative people keep up.  I refuse to throw the towel in the bucket but have to admit that I'm stressed over it.  Anyway, I wanted to quick pop in and share a few pics of what we've been up to.  It's been warm enough for my kiddos to have their first romp in the sprinkler.
Last Saturday, we closed out another semester of band with Ezekiel's spring concert.  I just love how brave he is!  I played the piano growing up and always hated concerts.  I could play a piece perfectly at home but then totally flop in front of an audience.  It was a completely different story, however, when it came to talking ;).  He has so much to be proud of and loves playing the clarinet.  Not to mention that he has improved leaps and bounds this year.
After church, on Mother's Day, we picked up some sandwiches and went for a picnic in the park.
I sat down on a bench, in the shade, to nurse Kaden, when Ezekiel pointed out that it was engraved with this quote and how perfect it was for that particular day.  We've been to this park hundreds of times.  I've even sat on this exact bench before, but I had never noticed its engraving.  LOVE!
It was such a great day, and my family totally spoiled me with a HUGE book about gardening, a coffee mug boasting lots of pics of my cuties, and this gorgeous chain from The Vintage Pearl.
Told you I was spoiled ;)!  We also stopped by a flower shop and picked up lots of beauties for my gardens, which I've been having so much fun digging up.  I meant to take a picture of all our purchases together, but when I finally had a quiet moment to get them planted, I was so excited, that I completely forgot.  Here's how a couple of my planters turned out, though.
The rest of the plants were dispersed throughout my gardens, along with this little guy.  I think it'll work well for bathing AND feeding.
Then, last Wednesday, we took our kiddos to School Day at the K (K is for Kauffman Stadium.) to watch the Kansas City Royals beat the Colorado Rockies 3 to 2.  I have to be honest and say that I was cheering for the Rockies, too.  Growing up in Kansas, the Royals ALWAYS lost every game I got to go to, which wasn't very many; but needless to say, they didn't win over my heart by any means.  It was the opposite story with the Rockies.  BJ and I went to every game we could, when we lived in Colorado, and they nearly always won.  I fell in love with baseball again and, in turn, learned to love our hometown Royals, too.
It was Kaden's first game.  He was even given a first game certificate.  So fun!  It was such a beautiful, spring day, too.
This past weekend, Ezekiel and Adina had an Award Ceremony for their Awana club.  They both finished their books, meaning that, during this club year, they memorized 145 Bible verses combined, and we couldn't be any more proud.
Even though it's not great, I couldn't resist sharing this pic of my little ham.  She's ALWAYS like this :).
And Kaden just chilled out on Daddy's shoulder the entire evening.  If you're thinking that his hair looks a little red, it does.  I keep thinking it's going to wash out.  LOL!  I don't know if it will stay or go.  My aunt and cousins have red hair, so it staying is a definite possibility.  I guess only time will tell.
He truly is the pride and joy of every member of our family.  At three-months-old, he is nursing exclusively every three to three-and-a-half hours through the day and taking five hour-and-a-half to two-hour naps.  He still gets up once at night to nurse, usually around 4 am, but he goes right back to bed after.  Both of my other kiddos were sleeping eight hours through the night by now, but everything about Kaden has been completely different.  So, we're just trying to give him all the time he needs to grow.  He is full of smiles and laughs out loud when someone does something silly or he gets tickled.  It's completely contagious.  He has a lion Taggie that he loves to hold and mouth, enjoys his swing, likes the movement of his Lulla-Vibe, and doesn't even mind his car seat.  He has a such a sweet nature and happy disposition.
So, that about sums things up.  We finished our school curriculum last Friday and are enjoying a break from our normal routines.  Ezekiel starts baseball tonight and has a little trip planned, with Grandpa and Grandma, to Omaha, next week.  We're also trying to work in swim lessons for Adina and lots of little days out just enjoying all that Kansas City has to offer.

Oh!  And for those of you who have been asking, we haven't yet sold our house.  We fired our realtor.  It just wasn't working out.  Now, we've listed for sale by owner just until we've been off MLS for 90 days.  Although, in the first week, we had more showings than we did, in nearly five months, with our realtor, and they've been steady ever since.  If we don't sell by the middle of June, we've got to decide if we want to just call it quits for now or list with another agent.  It would be okay if we had to stay.  There are still lots of things that we want to update, and with my hubby's new job, we should be able to get them done in the next year.  Then, we could maybe... MAYBE... try again next spring.  Regardless, this whole thing has been a real roller coaster ride, and I'll wholeheartedly admit that it's not one I ever want to be on again.

Thanks so much for checking in on us!  Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!  Big hugs!


Miriam Prantner said...

Love this update! Love the sprinkler pics! So many good things going on. Hang in there on the house, things will work out I know it!

~Tammy~ said...

All such wonderful and beautiful things happening! Love all the pictures!

What a wonderful Mother's Day you had!~ Blessed!

Good luck with the house. It's been a tough ride for you! Hang in there.

Annette Allen said...

wow you have been busy.. how fun to run around in the sprinklers.. I remember those days.. Sounds like you had a perfect Mother's Day.. Always nice to see your family updates..

Sending you many blessings my friend.. Have a wonderful day

Lisa Elton said...

So GOOD to have the update Jinny! Gosh I can't believe how your kids are growing. I see changes in Adina's face and Ezekiel is looking more like his dad every time I see a photo of him! Little Kaden is such a sweet pumpkin. Looks like you had a beautiful Mother's Day. Take care, hope some of that sprinkler weather heads our way!

Leslie Germain said...

Great pics! Seems like you have been having lots of fun. Best of luck with your house and whatever happens!!

Lynn said...

Oh!!!!!! Can't wait until we have sprinkle weather ;) FUN!
Great pictures Jinny! Love reading up on things and I hope everything works out with your house.

PS THANK YOU so much for the RAK. I just picked it up this afternoon. Can't wait to play with everything. My girls were in awe when I pulled everything out. So kind of you!!
Thanks again! xoxo

Ashley Horton said...

Love hearing what your family has been up too, Jinny!! Great accomplishments for your kiddos, and Kaden is such a cutie!! And hopefully things will work out soon, with the house!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loved catching up with your family! LOVING all the photos!! It has to be so frustrating about the house :(

yyam said...

Love the happy family pics. And that you were spoiled rotten. And that little charmer of yours is nursing well. :)

P/s: I have had connectivity issues since the beginning of the year....and with lots of people still having word verification turned on, sometimes I don't know if the comments ever got through before I got disconnected. Oh well, I still return visits just a lot't stress over it.*high fives*

Maria said...

Thanks so much for the family update and precious photos! I really enjoy reading and viewing those wonderful photos! You've been busy, but sounds like a "good" busy! Take care, hugs!

Ros Crawford said...

Oh such lovely photos ... well done to your lovely kiddies ... Congrats on your new DT position too! I'm sure things will all come together for your family and your house problem will soon be solved ... Take care!

Unknown said...

You have been busy. I enjoyed reading your update my friend. And I have to admit that little fella of yours is a cutie pie.


Anonymous said...

WOW Kaden is so darn cute! I love the sprinkler pics and you and the kids on the bench, such a lovely family Miss Jinny!!!

Angi Barrs said...

Beautiful family photos! I'll also be emailing you today. I'm trying to get your correct address to send you something! :)

Tracy said...

So proud of your kiddies. They've accomplished so much. Little Kaden is growing like a weed. God will find the perfect plan for your house situation. Hugs!

Tracey McNeely said...

I always love to see your family photos, you all look so happy!

Larissa Heskett said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your Family Updates!! =) LOVE to see how everyone is doing and changing!! OMG is it just me or have the kiddos GROWN a lot!!?? =) I LOVE that hair!! My little Greyson has had his hair cut 4 times already the first at 8 months!! SO SWEET!! His hair is Sun Bleaching and has changed ALOT just in the last couple weeks!! Its always AMAZING to see how they change and grow!! =)I AGREE NO more Rollercoaster Rides!! I'm glad to see that you are okay with staying put, but maybe things will happen this summer!!?? THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Unknown said...

Such a GREAT update! Loved "seeing" the family and hearing how your summer is going so far. :) Hugs!