For the Love of Books

Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Monday, friends!  I'm thrilled to say that our driveway installation went off without a hitch, and it really does look amazing.  My hubby is so excited for the snow to come this year.  What a breeze shoveling will be!  My big kiddo can't wait to cruise around it on his bike.  Adina is thrilled to have a larger surface for all her chalk doodles, and while I'll totally enjoy the convenience of a paved driveway, my biggest hope is that, when we're ready, it'll make our home that much more saleable.  Without further adieu and since the last day of the month is quickly approaching, my September For the Love of Books pick was chosen in honor of one of my family's favorite times of the year, apple picking season.  It is written for children ages three to seven and a beautiful picture of what so many American children today may never fully comprehend, the value of hard work.
Apple Picking Time, written by Michele Benoit Slawson and illustrated by Deborah Kogan Ray, is a book about its name sake; and "when it's apple picking time, everyone has to help."  Anna's town leaves their day jobs behind and sets out for the orchard before dawn.  Quick work is made of getting the apples from their trees into the bins and onto the tractor, as the heat and exhaustion will set in after lunch.  As those bins are filled, the proud picker receives a half-moon punch in his purple ticket.  In all the years Anna has helped her family pick apples, she has never had her ticket punched, but she longs for this to be her year.  So, she puts all the things she's been taught into practice; but while lunchtime brings a precious peek into the love Anna and her family share for one another, she still doesn't have a punch in her ticket.  By the end of the day and as people begin to pack up and head home, celebrations can be heard, amidst the silent rows, for one, little girl whose hard work has finally paid off.

Thanks so much for reading and for sharing in my love for good children's literature!  Speaking of, I'm off to cuddle in with my kiddos for a little reading of my own before rest time.  Have a wonderful week!  XOXO


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhh I will have to get this for Brookie!!!

Larissa Heskett said...

AWESOME!! So HAPPY to hear that your Driveway will be LOVED and went in with NO TROUBLES!! =) I'm sure when the time comes it will make a HUGE difference on the sale of your home!! =) LOVE the sound of this Book!! =) We grew up picking Crab Apples off the trees around our Farm!! It was SO FUN!! =) I even LOVED to cook with them, but MAN was it a TON of work peeling and cutting enough of those little Sweeties to make a recipe!! I WAS SO WORTH ALL of the work in the end though!! LOL!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK SWWEET JINNY!! =)