Family Update

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Evening, y'all!  We've been without Internet service all day due to more storms in our area, and our weather people are telling us that we're in for more of the same overnight, so I'm going to type this super fast ;).  I just wanted to share a few pics of some of the things that have been keeping us running over the last month.  Ezekiel closed out another semester of homeschool band with his spring concert.  He's learned so much!  We couldn't keep him in lessons through the summer months with all the other activities he's got going on, so he used his own money to buy himself a Disney music book, especially geared for the clarinet, to keep himself playing until fall.  It's been so fun to listen to him get better and better.  The only downside is that everyone has been singing "Let It Go" and "Prince Ali" for the last two weeks.  LOL!
We had the first annual REW Music picnic, at Heritage Park, last weekend.
It was so cold!  But nobody let it stop them from playing volleyball, kickball, or tug-of-war.
Kaden loved having all that open space to practice strutting his stuff.
There were also bubbles to play with...
and a watermelon eating contest...
not to mention lots of goodies to enjoy after dinner.
Adina has been spending a lot of time with her sweet friend.  They made these fun swans at our house last week.
Then, she joined us for a trip to the KC Zoo this week.
Kaden was there, too.  He adores the penguins!
We also had a visit from my cousin, Matt, and his family; but it was only for a couple of hours, and we were so busy catching up that I forgot to take any pictures.  Fortunately, Matt's wife thought to snap this one, of their daughter with Adina, on her phone.
We got a new oven/stove.  Eeek!  I was no longer able to bake anything with yeast in our old one, because it was permanently set on hyper bake; so nothing rose properly, and everything baked unevenly.  In addition, neither the timer nor self-cleaning features worked.  The stovetop, however, did function decently most of the time, which is why it took us so long to say goodbye to the 1980's.  But I love that our new model is countertop depth for more floor space to move about, has a smooth surface for easy cleaning, and matches the rest of our appliances.  Plus, it actually works and is just one step closer to an entire kitchen remodel.  Yay!  Kaden loves that he can see what's going on in there now.
I also couldn't help sharing this pic of my gorgeous Mother's Day flowers...
or leaving you with a snap of a furry, neighborhood visitor.
Thanks so much for checking in on us!  We're gearing up for a week of Vacation Bible School next week, as well as getting Ezekiel ready for his first mission trip and a week of church camp at John Brown University.  He's still loving playing baseball, when his practices/games aren't getting rained out, too.  We're not floating away yet but definitely ready for warmer temps and sunshine.  Have a great night!


Lisa said...

Love seeing the photos in your family update Jinny! Looks like the kids are doing great. YAY for your new stove!!

Larissa Heskett said...

AWESOME Update!! =) LOVE the FUN Pictures and AWESOME!! A girl CAN'T LIVE without a RUNNING STOVE/OVEN!! =) ENJOY all your events coming in the Next couple Weeks!! HUGS!!

Ros Crawford said...

Thanks so much for sharing ... I love seeing your photos!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving all the photos!! YAY for a new stove!!!!!!!

Ashley Horton said...

YAY for the new stove! There's nothing more annoying than appliances that don't do what they're supposed to, so I know you are thrilled to have a new one!

Miriam Prantner said...

Great update! Hooray for a new oven!