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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Morning, y'all!  I promise to be back tomorrow with a couple of paper crafted projects for your viewing pleasure, but until then, I figure it's about time for another For the Love of Books pick, especially seeing as it's the last day of June.  LOL!  I've been a bit busy enjoying the summer sunshine with my kiddos ;).  This one is written and illustrated by the well-known and long-beloved Eric Carle and boldly and beautifully portrays the life cycle of a flower.
The Tiny Seed tells the story of the journey of just such from autumn of one year to autumn of the next.  It blows with the wind along with a number of other flower seeds.  One seed burns up as it sails too close to the sun's hot rays, while another lands on an icy mountaintop where the snow never melts.  Yet a third falls into the ocean and drowns, while a fourth settles in a dessert region where it is too hot and dry to grow.  One by one, each traveler is picked off by the world it lands in or eaten by a small animal.  A few survive the cold, winter months to see the wet days of spring and begin to sprout into plants, but a weed grows much faster and chokes one little plant away.  Another is accidentally crushed by a child out enjoying the fresh air.  A third makes it into a beautiful flower only to be picked by a young boy and given to his friend.  Through it all, the tiny seed somehow thrives to become the biggest and most beautiful flower.  Then, as summer comes to an end, the autumn winds begin to blow once again and carry with them new seeds birthed by the tiny, lone survivor.

Thanks so much for reading!  See you next month, friends!  Hugs!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sounds so good!!!!

Leslie Germain said...

Love this book!! One of my faves!!