August Recognition

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Morning, y'all!  I trust those of you who live in the United States had a wonderful, long, holiday weekend.  We got a number of things checked off our to-do list; planted some new evergreens in our front yard; and even hit the pool a couple of times, since it was the last weekend it was open.  We've also been busy re-setting up my laptop.  My hard drive crashed early last week, and I've been scrambling ever since.  My hubby was able to loan me his laptop, on a couple of occasions, last week, while mine was in the shop; but the technicians weren't able to recover anything.  Aaaah!  Fortunately, I have most, if not all, of my family photos backed up to Walgreens Photo, if they're not already on individual disks or still on my camera, but I cannot even begin to explain how much other stuff is simply gone.  I'm still hoping the lab, that we sent it to this morning, will be able to bring everything back, but only time will tell.

Anyway, the latter, amidst the heap of other things overwhelming my table, may help explain some of my absence from blogland as well.  I do have a number of projects completed and/or in the works, but I simply cannot share any of them here yet.  So, until I can, how about a little inspiration from an oldie but a goodie of my beautiful girl that just so happened to be featured, at Weekly Scrapper, for Sundays With Lorraine, last month?  Eeek!

Thanks so much for humbling me with a visit!  Have a terrific Tuesday!  Hugs!


Anya said...

I hope they can fix it for you! Amazing 2 page layout! Love the amount of pictures and girly details on it!

Miriam Prantner said...

So sorry about the computer! That's terrible!!!

This layout is utterly adorable though, so pretty and girly, just perfect!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sorry to hear about the computer problems :( CONGRATS on the recognition!! Totally deserved!!!!!!!!

Lisa Elton said...

The flowers, the polka dots, the pink doily and that sweet little face all add up to absolute cuteness!! So sorry about your computer issues Jinny. I hope it's all resolved soon!