2015 Card Review

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Morning, y'all!  I hope everyone is recovering from the holidays now that we're already a week into the new year.  I finally got all of our Christmas decor put away yesterday, and my hubby hauled the tree off to the recycling center after dinner last night.  I was giving my littlest a bath, while my hubby was taking it out of the house.  So, when Kaden and I came back into the living room, the tree was gone.  Poor thing was completely distraught, saying, "Bye, bye, tree," at least a hundred times.  We were all sad to see it go.  Matter of fact, it usually comes down the day after New Years, but I just wasn't ready to admit the season was over.  I think getting back to the books brought everything back into focus enough to motivate me to move on.

It's hard to get in the spirit of moving on without having shared my top ten favorite creations of 2015, though.  I know.  I know.  I'm super late, but I told you that I was still celebrating.  Remember?  Anyway, I'm here today to deliver.  I tried to keep it short and sweet and fit both my cards and layouts into one post, but it just wasn't happening, folks.  So, I've got my 2015 Card Review today, and I'll be back tomorrow to share my top ten layouts.  Sound good?  Let's get started.  Shall we?  Oh, and each photograph is linked up to its original post for all the details and supplies in its making.  Just click on it.  Enjoy!
Thanks so much for humbling me with a visit!  I hope you'll join me for the remainder of my review of 2015 tomorrow.  Until then, be blessed!  Hugs!


Jeanne J said...

Gorgeous collection of cards Jinny! I love them all! So many clever things.. the bear in "BIG" is a stand out and lots of gold accents!

Team Clark said...

Jinny, Jinny, Jinny, what a lovely year it has been for you! Our styles are different, but your cards make me so happy and inspired! I love your use of vivid color and loads of white to balance. Your photography really highlights your creations. I would totally buy a magazine of all your cards and peruse it for inspiration regularly! ;0 Hugs, Autumn

Shelly said...

Oh, these are ALL beautiful!! Love!

Charlene said...

LOVE all of them!! You are so talented Jinny!! Happy New Year!

Annette Allen said...

what a fabulous post.. all of these cards are just amazing.. can't wait to see what you come up with for 2016 :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love these!! You rocked it last year!!!! Can't wait to see what make this year!!!!

~amy~ said...

Absolutely beautiful Jinny!

Ros Crawford said...

A wonderful collection Jinny ... I'm looking forward to another year of your creative talent!

Maria said...

It's wonderful looking at your gorgeous creations not only once, but twice! Love all your amazing cards, Jinny!!!

Tracy said...

I just LOVE that celebrate card that's next to last. Something about the colors and of course your wonderful design skills. hee hee Fantastic recap of your amazing cards!

Lisa said...

What a treat to see all of these pretty cards Again!!

Sharon Fritchman said...

I just had to let you know how much I loved seeing your awesome and totally beautiful cards again, Jinny! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!