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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Welcome to the weekend, y'all!  Just stopping in with this month's For the Love of Books pick.  With Easter being right on our heels, I thought it only fitting to share another of our favorites, celebrating just such a day.  It is written for children ages three to five.
The Easter Egg, written and illustrated by Jan Brett, tells the story of Hoppi's adventure to create his very first Easter egg.  All the bunnies of the forest are busy making eggs, as the maker of the winning egg gets to help the Easter Rabbit hide the eggs come Easter morning.  "Hoppi had been dreaming about being that bunny all year long."  As Hoppi makes his way through the forest, looking for a spectacular idea, he finds all the rabbits doing what they do best.  Flora Bunny is planting spring wildflowers in her eggs.  Buster Birch is carving a fabulously detailed wooden egg; and Aunt Sassyfrass is decorating a chocolate egg with creamy frosting squiggles and bows.  Everyone gives Hoppi something to help and encourage him to make his own.  When Hoppi hops into the quiet of the woods to think, he hears Mother Robin's distressed call and discovers one of her eggs has tumbled from the nest.  Hoppi promises to help Mother Robin take care of the little egg, so she can return to her nest and the others.  Through cold, rainy nights and the danger of predators, Hoppi keeps his promise.  Spring arrives; the baby robin hatches; and the promise of Easter brings the Easter Rabbit back to the woods.  All Hoppi has to offer are the remnants of the empty, blue egg shell.  Will they be enough to win the coveted place of honor?

This book doesn't talk about Christ's death, resurrection, and offer of everlasting life to all who believe.  If you're looking for one that does, try God Gave Us Easter, Benjamin's Box, or even The Parable of the Lily, all three of which have been shared right here, in my For the Love of Books posts, over the years.  However, Hoppi's heroic quest to discovering an Easter egg he can be proud of, not to mention Brett's priceless drawings and detailed vignettes, makes it a winner in my eyes.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  May your Easter celebrations be filled with loved ones, laughter, good food, and precious remembrances of our risen Lord.  Be blessed!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This sounds like such a sweet book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!