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Friday, June 24, 2016

It's Friday, y'all!  Woohoo!  My big kiddo comes home from camp tonight, and I can't wait to hear all about it.  While he's visiting Grandpa and Grandma and even when he's in Mexico with his dad, I get to talk to him nearly every, if not every, night; but the campers aren't allowed to take cell phones or computers or any kind of electronic device to camp with them.  So, I'm really longing for some Ezekiel time.  He promised that he'd take me out to a movie, for my birthday, back in January; but with our busy schedules, we haven't been able to work it in.  I'm thinking, while we've still got some downtime from school, it's time to cash in on his offer and catch up ;).

Anyhow, I know you all didn't come here to read my jabber.  So, let's start this month's Friday Faves with this darling Hugs stamp set from Concord & 9th.  This stamp company is new on my radar thanks to this post from the uber talented Jennifer McGuire; and now, I'm seeing goodies from their shop popping up all over blogland.
So much so, that I had to add their Sophisticated Script and Sophisticated Script Uppercase alphas to this month's lineup, too.  You ladies sure make lining up all those fancy edges look like a cakewalk.  Plus, the word, name, and phrase possibilities here are endless, y'all.  I'm thinking about Christmas gifts.  Hmmm?
I absolutely love the country appeal of Photo Play's Fresh Picked 12 x 12 Collection Pack.  The muted palette, tags, woodgrain elements, and that fantastic, floral truck are screaming my name.  Plus, how is one to say no to gingham, plaid, polka dot, and flower prints all packed into the very same collection?!  This ensemble would be perfect for scrapping pics of my vegetable gardens.
Speaking of vegetable gardens, I'd really like to get my hands on these Ceramic Garden Markers from 3 Dandelion Seeds.  We keep trying to use plastic tags or Popsicle sticks in our gardens, but they don't hold up to the elements very well.  And while there are a lot of markers on the market, most of them don't offer the variety I'm looking for and even more of them are super costly.  I love that these ones fit within my budget and can be customized to suit my needs.
This happy, little collection, of Wooden Mini Bowls, from Willful Goods, totally puts a smile on my face.  They come in sets of two, but I'd love to have one in every color.  Swoon!  And the colored part is food safe, soft rubber, which makes them durable and non-slip.
Finally, I couldn't resist including Sweet Auburn Studio's Brass Pineapple Bangle.  I adore that scrumptious pineapple, but it looks even more delicious nestled in amidst all those Set Stone Bracelets.  And check this!  Each one ranges in price from only $9 to $12.  You can't beat that, folks!
That covers things, for this month, friends.  I hope you found something here to love, too.  Thanks for stopping by, and have a truly fanciful Friday.  Hugs!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving all of these!! And YAY for him coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!