Family Update

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Morning, friends!  So, today, I've finally got that Family Update, that I promised last week.  So sorry.  I'm running a little behind on all fronts.  I have good intentions and am totally a planner, but I can't help what the rest of the world does.  Sometimes, especially when your littlest comes down with the ickies, you just have to go with the flow.  So, go with the flow I shall do, beginning with a super fun 4th of July parade.  It was truly the most beautiful, weather-wise, 4th of July I EVER remember having in Kansas!
After a scrumptious lunch at Pie Five, Kaden and I got some much-needed time to nap; while the rest of my crew got their smoke bombs, sparklers, and snappers.
Then, we all came back together again for a delicious, BBQ dinner and festive dessert, topped off with firework play for all.  Such fun!
Ezekiel and I finally got that movie/dessert date we've been planning for so long.  Some days, he does well with his little brother and sister, and I know he'd miss them, if it were just him every day; but most days, he isn't very patient with or forgiving of them, and he always craves that one-on-one time.  It's crazy how different he is, when you get him alone; and it was great to catch up after all the trips he's taken this summer.
Our dog, Summer, was super excited to have him home from camp.  They're two peas in a pod.
My parents were going to come stay with our kiddos, so my hubby and I could have an anniversary dinner date; but my new niece's arrival put a little kink into our plans.  So, we snuck a couple delicious slices, from The Cheesecake Factory, to go and moved our date home.  Yum!
Summer baseball is officially over.  Ezekiel's team lost a number of players, due to other summer activities, for the end-of-season tournament and just didn't have enough pitchers/players to really show what they were worth.  But fall ball is just a couple of short weeks away, and we're already looking forward to getting started with a new team.
A couple of weekends back, we went to the Kansas City Zoo for their Friends of the Zoo Breakfast and a day filled with fun seeing our favorite, fuzzy friends in Africa.
It was so exciting to finally get to see the koalas on loan from the San Diego Zoo.  They'll be here, in Kansas City, through November, which should give me plenty of time to get a better photo ;).  Cute!
My own little bear fell asleep long before that...
but woke up in time for a quick snapshot and sack lunch before heading out.  Check out that look he's giving his big sister.  LOL!  I can't remember what he was upset about; but I love this pic, because it showcases so much about his opinionated, independent personality.
He's learning so much and growing so fast, and I'm truly trying so hard to treasure and capture/remember all his many firsts, as I soak up every bit of him being my beautiful, loved, little man.
We're off to Adina's last day of swim class this am.  I think she's past the point of learning much more from the teachers through Johnson County Parks and Rec, but I guess you have to get in there and try in order to find that out.  I've got my Friday Faves roundup coming your way tomorrow.  Until then, thanks so much for checking in on us, and have a wonderful day!  Hugs!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks like fun times! LOVING all the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ros Crawford said...

I just love those children ... what a lovely family! Thanks so much for sharing ... I know you must be rushed off your feet and you are a great Mum!

Shelly said...

What a great update!
Sounds (and looks) like y'all had so much fun together! :) Loving all the photos...Thanks so much for sharing! Enjoy the rest of your summer and family time! Hugs

Lisa Elton said...

It looks like you're having a wonderful summer Jinny! We had unusually nice weather for the fourth too. It's usually unbearably hot! Enjoy the remainder of your summer. It seems to be flying by this year! CUTE CUTE photos! HUGS :)

Miriam Prantner said...

Wonderful update! Love all those photos, I can't believe how big they are getting!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE your family updates!! What a beautiful family!!!