Family Update

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Good evening, y'all!  I'm so excited that I've gotten to come around to visit a few more of you over the last couple of weeks.  If I haven't made it your way yet, don't fret.  It's on the agenda.  I truly do love visiting you all, but my kiddos' various activities and the busyness of the holiday season have kept me from it.  Matter of fact, with the exception of a couple of special, family, event posts, I haven't even posted a family update in over two months.  So much has happened!  I couldn't possibly share it all, but I do have a few of the highlights for those of you who enjoy reading such.  I'm super proud that both of my big kiddos decided to get baptized, at Kill Creek Park, back on Sunday, September 18, 2016.
Our Sunday School class held a fall picnic, at Shawnee Mission Park, for all the adults and their children.  I just love these pics of our donut-eating contests.  Adina took second place.
The grownups got in on the action, too...
and we all enjoyed roasting marshmallows for s'mores.
Before we left for our trip to Branson, Ezekiel had a mid-semester mini concert for his homeschool band class at REW Music.  He's enjoying it so much this year!  He got to take on the bass clarinet and even performed a quick duet with one of the girls in his class.
We turned the bushel and a half of apples we picked back at Cider Hill Family Orchard into 48 pints of apple butter.  If you're counting, one pint is missing.  It went right into the fridge to enjoy.
You might remember my complaining that the apples were ever so puny at Cider Hill Family Orchard.  Well, check out these big ones from the apple tree in our front yard.  Yum!
We paid a trip to CoCo Key with my friend Monica and her kiddos.  My group photo was terrible, but Monica's was great!  Thanks for such a wonderful day, Monica!
Ezekiel got braces.
My friend Brandi had her fourth, precious baby.  Kaden is completely smitten with him!
My hubby, Ezekiel, and Adina all helped package meals for Feed My Starving Children.  Little kiddos weren't permitted to participate, so Kaden and I got some more one-on-one time together.  Adina was kind of proud of her hair net ;).
I took this photo of the supermoon earlier this month, which "is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth," according to Wikipedia.  "This was the closest supermoon since January 26, 1948, and will not be surpassed until November 25, 2034."
Ezekiel has really struggled with his advanced math class this year.  It's a high-school-level algebra course, and he barely squeaked in a B- first quarter.  You can imagine how excited this recent, test grade made him!  We've worked so hard with him, that I might've even shed a little, happy tear myself.  Sniff.  Sniff.  Congratulations, Ezekiel!
Last weekend, my grandpa celebrated 90 years on this earth.  Happy birthday, Grandpa!
I just love these old, black and white photos!  Here he is, in his younger days, in his uniform...
and with my grandma...
and here they are with my dad and my Aunt Cindy.
I got a photo of him with all his great grandchildren in attendance...
and a few of my kiddos, with their cousins, just for fun.  You may remember Marty (Seen in the first photo below.) from back here.  He and Kaden share the same birthday.
Other than all that, not to mention Adina's 8th birthday, we've been working hard and enjoying life.
Thanks so much for checking in on us!  I'll have my grandpa's birthday card to share, with you all, tomorrow.  Until then, be blessed!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving all the photos!!! And so exciting about his braces and his math grade! Go Ezekiel!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Maria said...

Awesome family photos!!! Adina with the doughnut is too cute!! Congrats to Ezekiel on the fab math grade and Kaden is super cute with the s'more!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and family!!

Lisa Elton said...

Wonderful photos Jinny, thanks for sharing!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!