Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Well, our Thanksgiving plans have taken a bit of a nosedive.  My littlest kiddo woke up with a 102.8 degree fever, which began yesterday afternoon.  Ugh!  We won't be making the trek to my parents' place after all.  My hubby ran to a couple of grocery stores to check on turkeys, but he only found frozen.  So, we're having chicken for Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in my lifetime.  It's no big deal to me, being as I'm a vegetarian.  Honestly, I think it's okay with the rest of my family, too; but I still promised them a turkey for Christmas dinner ;).
Over the last few days, each of the members of my family secretly wrote, on little strips of paper, all the things for which they are thankful and tossed them into a basket.  We read through them at breakfast this am, and I thought today would be the perfect time to share those entries here on my blog.  Please keep in mind that this is by no means an exhaustive list, and see if you can guess who might have written what.  In no particular order, we are thankful for...
  1. portable DVD players (My kiddos use these for some of their homeschool lessons.)
  2. nature
  3. papercrafts
  4. Thanksgiving
  5. our fire pit
  6. Summer, our dog
  7. mission trips
  8. Silver Dollar City
  9. family movie night
  10. Snowflake, our bunny
  11. George, Kaden's stuffed Curious George
  12. slippers
  13. popcorn
  14. cinnamon rolls
  15. snail mail
  16. hospitals
  17. missionaries
  18. libraries
  19. a wife willing to stay home
  20. Lenexa Baptist Church
  21. Christmas
  22. Kaden's Elmo book
  23. a democratic government
  24. unconditional forgiveness
  25. hot cocoa with candy canes
  26. Jesus' death on the cross
  27. Mom and Dad
  28. coffee
  29. a Jeep that no longer leaks oil
  30. homeschool
  31. pizza
  32. animals
  33. baseball
  34. family vacations
  35. the Bible
  36. United States of America
  37. family
  38. basketball
  39. flannel sheets
  40. Aegis Fire Protection, my hubby's employer
  41. toys
  42. butterflies
  43. sunflowers
  44. food
  45. friends
  46. pumpkins
  47. Shirley, our neighbor
  48. Ezekiel
  49. a positive bank account balance
  50. Kansas City Zoo
  51. gardens
  52. books
  53. my hubby
  54. Royals baseball
  55. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  56. hot baths
  57. haircuts
  58. seasons
  59. horses
  60. television
  61. Kaden
  62. clothes
  63. breakfast
  64. Casas por Cristo
  65. Cinnamon Chex
  66. Colorado
  67. stars
  68. apple shampoo ;)
  69. a new washer and dryer
  70. birthdays
  71. grocery stores
  72. orthodontics
  73. methods of transportation
  74. music
  75. band concerts
  76. our home
  77. Mommy staying home
  78. cowboy boots
  79. summer camp and fall retreat
  80. ABeka Academy
  81. colors
  82. siblings
  83. weather
  84. Kaden's polar bear, a figurine my hubby brought back from his trip to Orlando
  85. cousins
  86. a Christian heritage
  87. paints
  88. my bed
  89. salvation
  90. swimming pools
  91. pets
  92. our backyard
  93. technology
  94. soccer
  95. Adina
  96. a good Sunday School class
  97. playdough
  98. mint M&M's
  99. fruit, especially grapes (Kaden eats them like candy.)
  100. blog friends (That's YOU!)
From my family to yours, have a truly blessed Thanksgiving!  And to all those who don't live in the United States, have an absolutely fantastic day!  Hugs! 

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! From one Elmo fab to another, I hope Kaden feels better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)