For the Love of Books

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Well, hello there, friends.  Seeing as today is the last day of August, I thought I'd better sneak in this month's For the Love of Books pick for all you book lovers.  It is written for children ages three and up and cleverly illustrated with playfully-detailed, full-color images.
"A Guest Is a Guest, and we must show them our best," written and illustrated by John Himmelman, is Farmer Beanbuckets' family motto, even when it comes to the four-legged and feathered kind.  But when their son, Billy, invites the piglet into the house for a sleepover, the whole farmyard learns of the household comforts they're missing and moves in.  Soon, the kitchen is full of hungry pigs; all the pillows are occupied with roosting hens; the television is continually playing programming that interests the animals; the morning paper is persistently in shambles; and there is always a line for the bathroom.  Farmer Beanbuckets declares, "when enough is enough, you have to get tough!"; and Billy devises a plan to trick the animals back to their natural habitats with a few creature comforts.

This book holds a special place in my heart, as our bunny, Snowflake, was always meant to be an outdoor pet.  Then, one cold, snowy night, Adina convinced me to let her stay indoors; and she never left.  She uses a litter box; and with the exception of being put in a pen when we're away from home or asleep for the night, she roams the house at her leisure.  I'm such a sucker for all things living.  Please don't send me your castaways!  Thanks so much for reading!  Be blessed!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This sounds so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Miriam Prantner said...

Sounds like a great book, I think Carina would love it!