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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Afternoon, y'all!  Just stopping in with this month's For the Love of Books pick.  It is written for children ages five and up and beautifully illustrated with soft, colored-pencil drawings.  My first copy of this book came to me as a gift, from my hubby, to use in my student teaching classroom.  I have treasured its precious content and the inviting way it depicts the seasons since.
In Button, Bucket, Sky, written by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and illustrated by Vicki Jo Redenbaugh, Annie Livemore has a dream that sends her on a mission to restore her street, Sixpenny Road, to its former glory, lined with oak trees.  That very fall-inspired day, she gathered a couple of young neighbors, Harriet Grace and Little Sam; and together, they began filling buckets, hats, and pockets with shiny, brown "buttons", declaring themselves "rich with acorns".  All winter, they saved ice-cream tubs, cracked soup bowls, plant pots, berry buckets, and boots with holes in them; and when spring came, they used them for planting their treasures.  After caring for their sprouts all summer long, they nestled the planters in the ground and covered them with fall leaves and grass to keep them safe through the winter.  Their tiny trees grew for three springs, before Annie Livemore declared them ready for planting.  The gardeners planted them in lonely places and busy places, in noisy places and quiet places, and in places where more acorns would be carried home in pockets.  Over the years, the trees grew taller and wider; until one fall day, Harriet Grace and Little Sam, not so little anymore, brought their families back to visit Annie Livemore on oak-filled Sixpenny Road.

I love that this book includes a step-by-step tutorial for growing your own oak trees from acorns and hope that you're as inspired by reading it as my family and I.  Thanks, as always, for stopping by!  Happy reading, friends!  XOXO

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