For the Love of Books

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Morning, y'all!  With Thanksgiving being in just a couple of short days here in the United States, I thought I'd get in the spirit of things, with this month's For the Love of Books post, by sharing one of our favorite books about the history of the holiday.  It is illustrated with super cute, pencil and watercolor images, some even right out of the 1620's, and simply stated enough to keep my busy toddler's attention.  So, I give the targeted age range, of three years and older, a big thumbs up.
In What Is Thanksgiving Day?, written by Margot Parker and illustrated by Matt Bates, Amy explains the origins of Thanksgiving Day to Ben, while she's baking cookies like the ones the Indians brought to the first Thanksgiving dinner.

I know that's a super simple explanation, but most of us already know the history behind Thursday's holiday.  This one stands out to me for its superior job of explaining all the specifics without failing to remember that the Pilgrims' thanks was to their Heavenly Father for all He had given them, especially their ability to worship Him in their own way, in the New World.  Thanks so much for reading, friends!  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!