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Friday, July 27, 2018

Hey, y'all!  Just stopping in, before the day completely gets away from me, with this month's Friday Faves picks.  It's a short list but not for a lack of searching.  I simply haven't seen a lot of things come across my screen that made me say, "Wow!"  Reverse Confetti's The Most Beauty stamp set, however, totally had me at hello.  I already have the perfect friend in mind for one of these thoughtful greetings.
I've been doing a little practical shopping for our new home and came across this Sandusky Lateral Blue File Cabinet from Home Depot.  I already have a number of wood finishes going on in the room this beauty would be placed in; so the sleek, metal design might be just the compliment I'm looking for in the space.  I also love the bold pop of color it would provide; but if blue isn't your cup of tea, it comes in eight other color options at an unbeatable price to boot.
And since the start of another school year is right around the corner, I couldn't help but throw in L.L.Bean's Carbon Dinosaur Junior Original Book Pack.  I bought this same size pack for my oldest years ago, and it's survived a beating from all three of my kiddos.  Matter of fact, my littlest is STILL lugging it around; and it's no worse for the wear.  The quality simply cannot be beat; and I love the print on this particular one, as Kaden has just recently gotten into playing with Ezekiel's old dinosaur toys.  Too fun!
That covers things for this month, but I'll be back first thing in the am with a card creation for Pretty Little Studio.  Until then, have an amazing start to your weekends, friends!  Hugs!

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Lisa Elton said...

Great finds Jinny! Hope things have gone well with the move and you're all getting settled in!