For the Love of Books

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Morning, friends!  Here I am bringing you this month's For the Love of Books pick on the very last day of the month yet again.  I never mean to do it that way.  My kiddos just keep me running day and night.  Sometimes, I have to send them out of the house, with their dad, just to get a moment of peace and maintain my sanity.  Today, I was able to steal a few moments, as the sun was rising and while my littles were still snoring away, to sneak in a review of a precious book about discovering one's passion and all the alluring uncertainties that come with it.  It is written for children ages five to eight, and its colored-pencil illustrations can't be beat.
Henry Holton Takes the Ice, written by Sandra Bradley and illustrated by Sara Palacios, is the story of a young boy, named Henry, growing up in a family that is "hockey mad".  He "teethed on hockey pucks, and the moment he could toddle his parents bought him a pair of skates."  Skating came naturally to Henry, "but when Dad handed Henry a stick... suddenly, Henry's feet were in a muddle."  He was a menace to hockey and an embarrassment to his family but, with the help of Grandma's old, figure skates, is able to convince Dad to buy him a boy's, right-size pair of skates with picks and become "one fine ice dancer".

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