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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Evening, y'all!  It's hard to believe that tomorrow is April.  Wasn't just yesterday the first day of March?!  We've been busy, little bees, working our way through our spring studies and visiting so many great places around our new home, that time has completely slipped away from me.  I had scheduled to pop in here to share this month's For the Love of Books pick last week.  Obviously, that day came and went; but I made it here today with a precious story, written for children ages four to eight, about growing up.
The Growing Story, written by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by the well-loved Helen Oxenbury, is the story of a inquisitive, little boy, growing up on the family farm.  As spring approaches and days grow longer, the boy assures the puppy and the chicks, "We're growing too."  With his winter clothes tucked safely away on a shelf and summer in full bloom, the evidence of growth, from the grass and flowers to the trees and corn, becomes unmistakable.  He begins to doubt his own growth, telling the dog and chickens, "You both have grown up.  I haven't grown up.  I am still little."  A need for the boys' warm, woolen clothes develops, once again, as the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to fall.  When they are pulled from the shelf and slipped back on, he is thrilled with joy at seeing his own growth through those ill-fitting clothes and exuberantly does cartwheels across the closing pages, announcing all the while, "I'm growing too."

While this book is sweet to the core, from the front to the back cover, it makes me long for my kiddos to be little again.  My youngest turned five-years-old just last month, and he'll be starting kindergarten in the fall.  At this point with my older two, I was expecting another baby.  It breaks my heart to know that Kaden is and always will be the baby.  I know that means a new phase in life is beginning.  No doubt, it will come with more freedom and adventure for myself.  I know it's a good thing.  I'm just having a difficult time accepting it and finding joy and comfort today in this book's portrayal of the innocence of youth.

Thanks so much for reading, friends!  I don't have any new projects scheduled for a little over a week; but during now and then, I'm hoping to begin to share a bit of what we've been up to since our move to El Paso last July.  Until then, have super start to your work weeks.  Hugs!

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Lisa Elton said...

Sounds like a sweet book Jinny! Time does fly doesn't it. Kaden can't possibly be five already. I remember making a baby card for him when you had him...just yesterday!