For the Love of Books

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Welcome back, y'all!  Just stopping in to share this month's For the Love of Books pick before the month sneaks away from me completely.  This one has been in my home library for at least twenty years; but its tender story and sweet, watercolor illustrations have never brought us as much comfort as they have over the last month since losing our precious dog, Summer.
I'll Always Love You, written and illustrated by Hans Wilhelm, "is a story about Elfie - the best dog in the whole world."  It is told from the perspective of Elfie's owner, a young boy.  The boy and Elfie grew up, played, got into trouble, and dreamed together; but Elfie grew much faster than the boy and died in her sleep one night.  The boy deeply grieved his loss but found comfort in remembering that every night he had told Elfie, "I'll always love you."  He promised that, no matter what pets would come and go in his lifetime, he'd never forget to remind them of such.

Thanks so much for reading!  Have a wonderful weekend, friends!