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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Afternoon, y'all!  Just stopping in, on this last day of April, to share this month's For the Love of Books pick.  Adina handpicked this favorite of hers for you all, and I don't think that she could have chosen any more wisely.  It is a treasure that has graced our personal library shelves since the year it was published.
I'm Special, I'm Me!, written by Ann Meek and illustrated by Sarah Massini, is the story of a little boy named Milo who just wants to be who he wants to be.  At school, on the playground, Milo wants to be a lion in the jungle game; but his friends say that he isn't "strong enough to be the king of the jungle.  So Milo is a very sad monkey."  When he gets home, Mom helps him to see how wonderful swinging through the trees can be.  The next day, Milo wants to be a captain, when the children are playing pirates; but his friends say that he isn't tall enough to be a captain and has to be a deck hand.  When he gets home, Mom shows him how perfect he is "for climbing to the top of the sails to be a lookout."  Milo hadn't thought of that.  Every day that his friends tell him that he isn't right for the part that he wants to play, Mom opens his eyes to, not only how honorable, exciting, and adventurous the different roles can be, but also how perfect he is to play them; until Milo is confident that he is special enough to be whatever he wants to be.

Happy reading, friends!  Be blessed!

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